(SOLVED) Poolmining CryptoGuru pending BURSTs vanished / not listed anymore

Hi Guys,
i was mining from dezember to this day and i recently saw that the BURST-Mining pool “https://burst.cryptoguru.org/” changed something. For low BURST-HHD-Space (<30 TB) there is a new URL: https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/

I had already mined at least 70 BURST (100 for payout) and i can’t find my BURST-Miner anymore. Do you know if i lost all my mined burst now? I had something around 70 BURST in pending…

My BURST-Adress is:
BURST-LATK-WWX8-DRSM-HVA7F (cryptuguru online wallet)

Furthermore if i now try to mine, i get the following error (i didnt had that error before!):
Account’s reward recipient doesn’t match the pool’s

If i check the BURST-Wallet the recipient is set to the following recipient:

oh, pew. i found myself on the bigger pool (dunno why…):
https://50-50-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/ (30 to 250 TB)
But my Plotsize is only 4 TB. Thats kinda strange.

I see there is a pool fork “on the road”. There is something cool coming up.

The burst.cryptoguru pool basically just all got moved to the 50-50 pool. Users weren’t sorted according to TB. Glad you got it figured out :slight_smile: