Some stupid n00b questions - on rewards

Hey folks.

I’m mining in the Cryptoguru 0-100, with 3TB. Yep, I am but a wee one.

I have some questions on how to get at the Burst I’ve earned so far. I read that the pool has a minimum payout of 100, and at present I’m a little shy of half of that. Does that mean the when I do hit 100, I’ll be paid out per the normal cycle when I reach that level?

I’m aware I can send a message to the pool to request immediate payout, but two things stop me there: I have a zero balance after joining the pool, and secondly I think the request would be ignored as I’m not at the minimum level.

I’m thinking of joining BTFG in the hopes of earning a little more, but can’t do this of course until I have some spare change, etc.


If you choose to be paid it will be done at that moment and will cost 1 brust for the UNENCRYPTED message. And then I believe 10 bust to be paid from you pending balance. If you need the one burst post you address and I can help. I would stick with the pool that wins more blocks right now that looks like 0-100 Cryptoguru

thanks. Probably best I stay put then. In short, I guess I’m asking, if I do nothing will I still get an automatic payment? i.e if I don’t choose to paid?

PS - thanks for the kind offer

yes you will be paid out at 100 burst! I was getting paid every 100 but that was too often so i switched to daily and it works well too. check out the explorer

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Excellent. Thanks for cluing me in.