Someone want to explain the winner names telling me to ditch burstcoin then a few mins later, the exact opposite?


Someone want to explain to me why on blago the name of one winner comes up telling us to ditch our burstcoins because BTCHD are going to 51% it?

Then a few blocks later this sort of thing comes up as the winner:

07:09:24 Winner: 255s by HCWM-AUMD-L5PF-8DYBF (KEEP YOUR BURST - They have nothing to offer but threats - I AM WAITING FOR YOU!)


Here’s the other one: 07:18:20 Winner: 549s by PVKK-NC68-R885-3Y9ME (Sell your BURST immediately,B
HD Team will 51% attack Burst in next month)


It’s nothing. These are just what people named their miners.


Yeah I know that but it seems strange to me that you go around naming your miner something like that if there isn’t something going on in the background.


You do know that the PoCC left Burst yes?


I heard about that yeah - something to do with dual mining without consent?


By the way, what’s that going to mean for Qbundle, is that not made by POCC?


Qbundle is maintained by Heos who isn’t in the PoCC. He is also working on a successor to Qbundle called Easy2Burst.


Oh awesome. I don’t suppose you know where the development thread is per chance? I have a few daft little ideas I tried to float for qbundle a while back which would be awesome to put to Heos if he is developing it anyway.


Here is his github.

Here is the new apps team github too.


Awesome, Thanks Ryan.

When it comes to Burst I am a complete noob, however I have been pottering around for months just feeling my way around and learning. I am looking to get much more heavily involved though and hopefully the guys on the forum can educate me a fair bit. I’m doing this for learning, not so much for money if that makes sense. Simply because I am interested in it all.

What I will say though is that as a noob, I am hoping to document my experiences as I go and then feed that back to guys like Heos, the hope being that I can help to maybe give some constructive criticism to the experts on how to make things easier for noobs and experts alike to adopt and interact with burst. Which I think, having read a lot about Satoshi Nakamoto is something he would approve of, I mean ultimately blockchain is supposed to liberate the people and ease of understanding, I think is a big part of it.

I missed the whole BTC etc but I think there is massive potential in burst to become the leader and if I can contribute to that I am all for it and I would hope the burst community would be cool with that too. Lifes for learning as they say.


Welcome to Burst then @spontaneocus !

Things are quite slower in crypto land these days, so I’ll give you some links to look around Burst sites.

First, join the Discord Development team is there, you can help with the testnet, etc.

Burst Wiki has a lot of information

And lastly, reddit is a good place as well.