SSE on Xeon servers


What would the experience be plotting drives on a 32 core xeon server using SSE? Its an affordable option but lacks AVX for my price range. Would it be a waste of time, potentially what would the nonce count be like?


I plot with dual e5645 xeons and it works well 14000nonce/min


Thanks for the help iceman496. I purchased a HP Proliant DL360 G7 with two Xeon X5670’s. Its plotting at 18300 nonce/min which I’m more than happy with.


Glad I could help


avx2 sse2 etc are only marginal improvements of their original invention. if its a system built in last 5 years and runs at 64bit its a good option for burst mining. (I wouldn’t go under a Pentium 4 unless under 1tb of plots)