Start Mining now


Hi, I need 1 Burst to start Mining. My Adress: BURST-P4D4-URLJ-MVVD-AHYH9

Any good minig pools you can recommend?

Thx for Help Guys


sent you 1 burst to get you going, how many TB have you got plotted? also here’s some recommended reading

I mine here and it’s user friendly for smaller miners


I plotted 10 TB. I Will try Thx for your help. <3


Is there only auto Payout? My miner is running. Can i see my minig progress somewhere? How many Burst i have already mined? Or just wait until 20 Burst and autopayout?


yep most pools run on auto payout, limits vary from pool to pool, I just let my miner run and don’t worry about payout timing, the pool pays out usually around every 2 weeks once there’s enough burst accumulated to pay out all the miners