Start Mining


I am very new to mining and I think that I am missing something.
I have downloaded and installed burstcoin 1.2.9.
Managed to create a wallet, managed to get some coins to start mining.
Also managed to download the database.
I am starting up in internet explorer but I do not have a button of start mining like in the previous versions.(which I tried for half a day)

I have modified the config file, run the run.bat file
i can see the burstcoin window but I can’t do anything more.

Could someone tell me what am I doing wrong?
May be a stupid question but I prefer to find the answer and get moving.
Thanks in advance


I’m guessing you were using the AIO Windows version before. What that program did was bundle a bunch of programs together. The miner that was included was this one:


Thank you ryanw.
It is working now.
Where could I check to see the progress of my mining?
Based on the fact that I have 140Gb to offer I am guessing that I will not earn too much. But if it not working I am willing to invest a little bit more.


Normally, you can check the progress of mining at the pool that you are mining on. What pool are you using?


I’m a new hand. How do you modify the configuration file, please? Can I send a picture? Thank you very much.


Sure, send a screenshot of the miner screen too.


Hello, I do that, but next, I don’t know what to do.Hope to get your help,thank you very much!