Starting Burst would be highly appreciated

im new to Burst Mining, starting with 1,5TB and soon will equip my second System to a full Burst Mining rig with 50TB+.
To start with i would love if somebody could help me out with the needed first Burst.
Thanks a lot, LG!
Account ID: BURST-PZC7-Z9DH-GLHX-4J697

PS: Also a recommendation for a fitting pool (maybe where i even can stay with the 50TB+ going?) is highly appreciated too.

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I just sent a couple your way.

Note that you only need one for reward assignment when joining a pool. Joining the pool will get you into the system. You do not need to send any others.

Please come back when you have earned some coin and help out others starting out. Pay it forward. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks a lot lad. Will surely return them by helping others out.

Got a little Problem here; i set my reward recipient to to my account (top) and the preselected cryptoguru pool (bottom); but in the miner i Can only choose solo mining. For some reason pool mining is greyed out, with the text in the bottom right saying "only solo mining available"
Any ideas?

Edit: If someone is stuck at the same problem; the solution was that i didn’t wait long enough. I did wait 4 blocks/16mins, but still i couldn’t click pool mining. After waiting for around 25-30mins i restarted the Miner Launcher and now i was able to choose pool mining.
Also beware; the preset cryptoguru pool is the 50-50 pool, in the description recommended for mid range mining rigs. I wanted to join the 0-100 pool and as there is no description of that and its not even present in the preset pools this caused some confusion.

If I recall correctly you need to wait until the mining pool acknowledges the receipt of the coin. You can do a search and get more and better information since my memory is not all that good. Unfortunately it is rather confusing to get started. I initially joined the wrong pool and spent the one coin I had.

Wow, this program stumps me. It took 2 days to get it to work to this point; now after following the instructions on the official site to optimize my Target Deadline based on their calculator (
my passphrase doesn’t work anymore. 100% no typo. Simply says my passphrase wouldn’t fit to my plotfiles; while the Miner worked a few minutes ago. Reset it to old Setting, no difference besides now the Miner wouldn’t even open; i would get the error message before that.

@Covodex Ok, let’s get to the bottom of this. First, I think all new people should just stick with the old qbundle right now - Qbundle 1.9 with 1.3.6cg wallet. Do not follow prompts to update. The new versions have had some kinks that are being worked out.

Have you created your plot files already? If you could show screenshots of the error you are getting, and also your mining screen on qbundle, that would be helpful.

The good message is, my Version is on 1.9 with 1.3.6cg wallet as the updated Version caused Problems with the blockchain.

The bad one: After the Miner completely didn’t work and i set my Settings back, obviously i changed my Award recipient to myself as in solo mining and now the miner actually seems to work, as far as i can tell. You tell me in that Screen:

So it works, but unfortunately because im solo mining with just barely 1,3 TB my Chance to find a block is way lower than it should be to be any useful, right? I had the hope it would work at least as much so i can make a few Bursts myself to swap for good without being scared. Right now my Balance is at 0 again.
Should i simply Keep it running now, or won’t it ever generate anything useful like this?

edit: well except that it keeps crashing, too. But one Problem after the other…

You are correct, you will most likely never see any coins this way. Who knows, you could get lucky, but you need to actually forge a block which gets you the entire block reward, but the odds are that it would take you years to find one.

Uncheck “show winner information” in qbundle for mining. I have heard that can lead to crashes sometimes…but we’ll figure that out in time if that’s not it.

So, I’m sending you another coin to set your reward recipient again.

Thanks a lot.
Okay, im turning the Winner Info off and see if it helps. Seemed to happen randomly.
Strangely, it still uses HDD wakeups while i turned it off because i turned sleep for these HDDs off. Dont know about that either.

So i will double check now before Setting the reward recipient again; is there anything else i have to do besides Setting it to pool mining; like subscribing or something on the pool’s hp?

Edit: So the Cryptoguru Pool which would fit to my current Plotsize tells me here in the Snap down below to run CreepMiner - do i have to? Cant i just use the BlagoMiner?
Cryptoguru HowToMine

Edit2: I guess i figured it out now. Please have a last look on this and tell me if this is how it should look like.
As i understood all that i have to let the Miner run now for at least 360 blocks (=24hours?) too see a result in my Wallet. Correct?

You are looking great. 360 blocks takes you to your full earning potential at the pool.

You have a low capacity right now, but if you get bigger, you should read up on changing your deadline limit on the qbundle miner window.

Click on “Info” at the top of the pool page. There is a calculator to help you find your ideal deadline limit on the “quick info” tab on the main page as well.

But, as you are right now, you’re looking good!

Yeah, surely will do that. I felt after optimizing it correctly (problem might have been a comma instead of a dot…) i found and confirmed way more DLs; but for now im just glad that its running at all and will first gather some burst to return your nice guys favor and be safe from being unable to mine because of a falsly set reward recipient.

Thanks very much again; you guys helped me out a lot.

You’re welcome my friend :slight_smile: I’m glad you’ve finally got started.

Ty. So finally i have some numbers. My testamount of 1,3TB gets used as between 1,05 and 1,25TB effective capacity, with 140 to 145 Valid DLs in 360 Blocks/24hours. This gives me around 1 Burst per Day, i didn’t look exactly after 24hours but close enough.
Of course you wait for a high in the Exchange rate Burst to BTC, but after calculating a bit around it still seems a bit less for me.

Do These numbers compare to yours, i mean proportional? Will it be the same proportions with bigger rigs? Or is there still room for improvement software-wise?
Im just wondering because i even mine more with the browser-miner on Made me a bit suspicious, even while knowing how less ~1TB for burst mining is.

I hope it’s okay to ask this here instead of writing it into another thread, by the way. Tell me if not.

Using the Burst calculator at the following URL

My 9TB system is estimated to get about 9 coin per day (270 per 30 day period).

I do not see this as a short term investment. I do it because it is fun for me. I plan to hang onto my coins (except for the once I give out for those starting out) until the value goes up significantly (if ever).

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Okay, seems my rate is alright then. Thanks for your Reply.
Of course you can’t make a quick run here and come out rich, that wasn’t my idea either.

It seems like I ran into one last problem; to set a payout from the Cryptoguru pool I need to send a message to their pool account, which costs a fee of 1 Burst (additionally to the 5 Burst fee from the pool…-.- but these get payed by my Balance on the pool which is already covered; so I just need 1 Burst) - with my Balance at 0 i can’t do that. Im also mining on, but it will take at least a few months to get a Payout by them.

Chance someone could help me out again with that single last burst? I will surely return every single Burst i got in around 2 weeks. So its lending really.

Sent you another.