Starting to mine on debian jessie burstcoins

Hello Burstcoin Community!

Im starting to mine the first coin ever. I have some drives around doing nothing.

Using debian jessie i installed burstcoincg.

Just finished ploting a 1TB file using plot64 wich i git cloned from PoC-Consortium/cg_obup

What software should i use for mining. Im trying to setup creepminer wich i found prepackaged in crytoguru’s repository. Looking at the version it seems a bit outdated (1.5.2-1), is it ok to still mine with this version?

Could someone please send me a commented mining.conf?

Should i try to compile version 1.8.0?

Wich 0-100 pool should i start minig on?

Looking forward to a donation and some coins to get me started. (BURST-BN85-PCF8-CEZ7-94GWB)

Regards, and happy mining!

The following are some notes from the process I went through to get started. Hope you find them helpful.

You only need one coin for reward assignment when joining a pool. Joining the pool will get you into the system. You do not need to send any others.

I recommend watching the following video on YouTube to learn how to get started.

I wish I had watched this video before getting started. It would have saved me a bit of frustration and a squandered coin.

I also recommend you perform all actions through the Qbundle software. When I first started I tried setting the reward recipient (for pool mining) through the web interface for a pool and ended up wasting a coin. I also gave up on trying to configure creepMiner and am just using Blago Miner that comes with Qbundle.

When you finally get your system up and running you will likely see a warning message like the following

“Warning!: Your account does not have a public key! This means it’s not as protected as other accounts. You must make an outgoing transaction to fix this issue.”

If you will be joining a mining pool then ignore this message. Setting a “Reward Recipient” to get into a pool will be your first transaction which will get you a public key and the warning will go away.

thanks for directing me to the video but it actually didn’t answer any of my questions.

Hi, sorry but I have no experience mining with linux. I can answer a couple questions.

However, there are no problems that I know of using the creepminer package from the cg repository.

I recommend this pool.

I’m sending you a coin over to your address to set your reward recipient. (Do not set your account name, set your reward recipient to the 0-100 pool info can be found on the webpage above).

I installed creepMiner 1.7.16. The packaged version seems to drop out periodically, which hasn’t happened to me with 1.7.16.

The only parts of the mining.conf that I’ve messed with is the "plots" and to turn off the colour (I have a light background to my terminal) but do check over the Setting up the miner instructions.

Glad to see another cg_obup user. Be sure to use the new -D option for direct I/O.

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Just compiled creepminer 1.8.0.
Thanks for linking to the settings!

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Please send me your wallet id and as soon i can transfer i will send it back.


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