Stuck again >.<

I haven’t made any progress past 13 burst, and nothing added for about 2 days. I am mining at gryptoguru, and I noticed a message on the miner. Most of what I am getting is grey print, with occasional white on a blue field, and then an error message

[error 858861617] submitnonce request has bad ‘accountId’ parameter - should be uint 64

Anyone know what this is, and how to fix it?


If it was working before, and you have not changed anything since then…I would like to guess that your plotfile is corrupted.

Ok, so start with replotting? will that affect my pool? I haven’t actually collected any burst, so I won’t be able to start again.

Your pending balance is held for a little bit, I would go back and attempt to plot and start mining again to keep that balance.

Ok, I replotted, and am getting the same error message. I tried changing the number 67 in the plot file to match the 64, and got a message saying the plotfile did not match the account ID. Any other suggestions?

Ok, I guess we’ll back the truck up and make sure you’re plotting correctly.

Can you please upload a screenshot of your plot filenames, and also post the Burst address you use for mining?

OK, i took screenshots of the plotfile, the reward recipient and the miner set up. I did black out part of the plotfile that shows the numeric ID. If you need this, let me know and I will send that. As I understand it, that is information that shouldn’t be public. The pool I have been in is I did find a thread with a similar issue that seems to have been rectified simply by changing pools. As I haven’t actually collected burst, I don’t have the credits to try this method. And, I hate giving up. I learn little to nothing that way, so hopefully we can figure this issue, and a solution, so when it is encountered again we have a simple answer.

If this isn’t the correct information, or if you need more, let me know.



one more – here is the error message. Again, I don’t know if this helps, but you know more than I do.

Yes, that is what I was wanting from the plotfile, the numeric ID. That is public information available to anyone with your Burst address.

Oh, ok. I thought the numeric ID was something you wanted to keep private. Here is the full file number

all miners should submit their numeric account/wallet ID. ATM it is not possible to figure out anything in the logs who you are. Deeper investigations are possible, if you provide me with a timestamp (and timezone) and an IP address (eg. on PM or better on discord). If you send an account ID, which is has the correct format, you will not get any exception.


numeric account and wallet ID are in the pictures above. Not sure what IP and timestamp you need.

not sure if this helps or hinders, but I tried setting reward assignment again, and get an error message that says “rewardassignment did not succeed”.

@starmanjones He wants your IP address, and also timestamps of activity on the pool…so he can look deeper into what is happening. Right now, just looking up your address doesn’t show anything, so he wants to try another way.

Ok. I don’t know how to get timestamps of activity on the pool. Would that be in my files somewhere? I have restarted the wallet and miner a couple of times trying to get this going again.

Also, how do I find him on discord? I found the group you admin and am assuming that is the correct place.

I dug around, and the miner has logs, which have timestamps. Is this what he is looking for? and if so, which ones? There are dates going back to mid-January.

Just the most recent ones I believe would suffice, the last day or days you were mining.

His name is the same on discord, ac0v

Ok, I sent a message. It looks like a post though. I hope that isn’t the case.

looks as though I have now lost my pending shares on crypto guru :frowning:

Hi there! I am Mike. Newbie. Happened to me and I did the following to resolve the error message.

Actually, you have to choose pool mining in miner setting. And you have to decide you prefer to mine 0 -100 pool, 50 - 50 pool or 100 - 0 pool. By default the Blango miner will choose 50 - 50% which if you have a 30TB or more HDD space. You have to enter use the rewards assignment page and enter you preference method of mining:
0 - 100 pool (GB - 30 TB HDD Space)
Set reward recipient to 888561138747819634

50 - 50 pool (30 TB - 250 TB HDD Space)
Set reward recipient to 9225891750247351890

100 - 0 pool (250 TB or more HDD Space)
Set reward recipient to 12753605638793301951

Close the miner. Choose pool mining. Start mining.

Good Luck

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