Take pitty on a new miner


I am in need of at least 2 Burst to get my wallet setup. Can someone help a brother out?

Thanks in advance!!


You need to provide your wallet username. Can’t send something to nowhere!


See how new I am at this? LOL



Nah, your good! Got a few coins coming your way. It takes a few blocks to show up. Stand by…


Thank you very much!


No problem. Good luck with your mining!


So what is the purpose of making people basically beg for Burst to get started?


We want beginners to show humility? No; historically they had “faucets” where you could go and get a few free burst to get started. There’s been a lot of “drama” with Burst this last year and the faucets seem to mostly have dried up lately. Owners won’t or can’t fund them. But we don’t mind helping people getting started, so asking for a few really isn’t that bad.


Interesting. I appreciate the little history lesson and thanks again for the help!


Welcome to the forums, glad @Evo has already started you off. Feel free to ask any questions should you have any :slight_smile:


And be sure to pay it forward for another new miner that begs. :smile:


@ElectronicApple hi and welcome to GETBURST.
I am happy you got some help.
This community is great.
Thanks @Evo :slight_smile:


i also need Burst heres my wallet i just need 2 burst


I sent you 4. Best of luck.


ty for burst more power man


@arj143 hey there and welcome to GETBURST!
I see you already got some help, awesome.
Good luck mining and have a great time BURSTing :smile:


i also need Burst heres my wallet i just need some burst


@thaoxa welcome to GETBURST.
Just sent 4 BURST your way.
Good luck mining and have a great time BURTing :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, i love you @Estie_Trixie


Hello, I´m new, so as you started a few months ago…
For my first tries a actually using 500 GB for mining.
After 48h-minig the final amount is very disappointing (0,19 + 1). We both using actually the same pool m.burst4all.com.
Because you are the “pool-winner”, I want to know from you how much mining space you are actually using and how it is ploted and please give me details about the mining duration (runtime) of your system?
Please help a scrub!
best regards