Testing water with sas


hey guys!

i am just testing the waters with some cheap sas components.

  • card: HP Smart Array P410 1GB FBWC 6G SAS SATA PCIe x8 Raid Controller 572532-B21
  • cables: Mini SAS 36P SFF 8087 to SFF-8482 connectors with SATA power cable WR5
  • hdds: 3 Seagate Constellation ES.2 3TB \

amazingly the sockets fit together, the card boots, but when i try to set up logical drives says no physical drive found.

what i am missing? components not compatible? broken cables/connectors (i tried 2 cables, on both board’s sockets, diff HDDs on diff cables extensions)

i asked over reddit also, i do hope to get to the bottom of this.

here are some pictures, but the angle is not that great:



Have you loaded the raid utility on boot and created jbods or raid 0 drives?


I was going to ask this as well. I haven’t used sas or raid cards much, but it’s always been that I have to set up the drives in the card’s bios first.


Sadly when I load the drive utility it says no physical drives. I ordered another controller and see if that is to blame.


If you can’t see the drives in the bios utility then something is wrong. Cables maybe… hard to say.


Sas controllers are a tricky thing. You want one that is in it mode or can be flashed to it. The lsi2008 is a good one just know what you are buying.


I may know what I am talking about as I use that controller 200 drives and counting




Sadly the only LSI2008 I could get are 90GBP and up. I found a cheap M5014 and I do hope it works. I will keep looking for an LSI2008 tho…


Now that i saw the pictures more questions arise:

  • all those enclosures are connected via a single controller?
  • what type of enclosures are those?
  • can you post some pictures of how the server looks like internally (what server do you use?), as well as the back of the enclosures? just curios about connection since
  • i heard you can connect more than 4HDD per sff8087 port, but how will be the burst seeking speed then?

I started this thread and my testing because I want to build something similar with you. A server and as many economically feasible sas enclosures attached. Can you please elaborate your setup?

Any advices…

WOW… So many questions!


They are all servers running dual e5645 with between 12-96gb ram all run lsi2008 controllers. There are some 2u and 4u chassis. The 4 u servers have 24 drives in the front and 12 in the back. The 2u only have 12 slots. All of them run sas2 expanders to address all of the drives read times are 35s for each box but the cups are the bottle neck. Read speeds are around 750MBs with black and server 2019 core. I only have 3tb drives so not as dense as I would like. I can post a internal pic later. Check out the supermicro storage servers if you want to do something similar

  • all those are servers? or some 4u enclosures also?
  • do you use sff8088 boards for them?
  • does it worth having the rack setup or just build rayzen 7 on standard mid towers and accommodate 15-16 hdds in one (beside the beauty of having them racked)


All of them are servers the cables are what came with them. If I had avx2 cpus I would use them as storage bays but I am limited by cpus. E5645 cups are only like 20$ each fyi


@iceman496 Something like this?


Yeah that should be good


So, I think was the controller.

Retured and got a cheap IBM M5014 with 2.0.13-0748 firmware. I plugged the 1st HDD and its present.

Now there are 2 issues:

  • the hdd is a 3TB one, but only 1.99GB are shown. that means is a SAS1 controller?
  • i could not see any option to JBOD - maybe it is under a different name?



Well. I managed to flash the card with 9269 bios now the card see both drivers at 3TB but when I create the logical drive it cannot initialize it and makrs BOTH HDDs as failed and next time I enter bios they are both marked as unconfirmed BAD.

I tried with 2 sata HDDs that I had lying around and all is ok with them.

Might be something wrong with the way HDDs are formatted? I read somewhere 252b vs 250b / sector or something…