Thank you help ,request Burst to start up


Hello, I am Tony, I need Burstcoin for setting up my new wallet and start mining.
Thank you very much.


Hi,thanks for your help, I download burst-miner-0.1.1-beta on the web,this is for windows.I want to know linux system how to start.


Hi, I recommend mining it with your GPU/CPU to get you started.


Hi,thanks your help.I didn’t know that could used GPU/CPU to get started before. I download burst-miner-0.1.1-beta in web,I want to know linux system how to start.


There is currently no distribution of a Linux compatible miner for this site, yet
I believe the developer is working on one.
i’m in the exact same position.
A headless version would be perfect.


OK , thanks your help again, please tell me your windows system version, my computer coundn’t runing Burst Miner


It works fine on Windows 10, but you can also just use the browser miner, its slower but consumes less CPU power.

Once loged in with your burst address simply press start.