The BurstBaglady In Da House


Hello my Lovelyes, nice to be back to a new home sweet Burst home…
I also been busy working on my little Burst asset and it’s slowly growing and so am happy to start growing the Burst Bags again after all the setbacks…
Glad to have found you all again…
Keep Bursting,
love and Hugglies,
Ellie the Baglady :slight_smile:


Hello sweetie,
I am so happy you are here and we found a new home.
I am happy to hear that you stayed BURST-active :wink:
I am so, so happy to see you and know that you will be part of this.
Let’s BURST!
Love and kisses :kissing_heart:
The BURST family is coming back!


Glad to see you here! Thank you for joining us!