The Dymaxion Revealed - The Future of Cryptocurrency


After a months-long build up of anticipation of a huge announcement, earlier today the PoC Consortium revealed their plans for the Burst Dymaxion. There is a lot to take in, and I’m going to provide some resources here for people to learn more about it.

For those that haven’t been following Burst, I would like you to first acquaint yourselves with the PoC Consortium. After a long period of stagnation, infighting, and a network attack that almost killed Burst, the PoC Consortium made this announcement:

[ANN] PoC Consortium Stage 1: BURST

After months of revitalizing Burst, Stage 2 has now been announced by the PoC Consortium:

Announcing the PoC Consortium Stage 2: The Burst Dymaxion

I have found that before reading the whitepaper, it would probably be best to read this article by Tom Créance (@Gadrah):

The Dymaxion Explained in Layman’s Terms

After reading that article, I suggest reading over the whitepaper, and also take a look at the updated heritage tree:

The Burst Dymaxion
An Artbitrary Scaleable, Energy Efficient and Anonymous Transaction Network Based on Colored Tangles

Burst Heritage Tree

You may have some questions and possibly are looking for clarification on some things. If so, please had on over to the Dymaxion Mega Thread over at r/Burstcoin.

Dymaxion Question and Answer

Github Updated

You can see the major commit made to the github repository right before the Burst Dymaxion was announced. Roadmap Updated

What do we do now?

There is going to be a long road ahead for the Burst community to implement the Burst Dymaxion. The first, most important thing anyone can do, is the make sure that they are using the PoC Consortium’s wallets. The current version is 1.3.6cg.

I will quote @rico666 - “get 1.3.6cg and be prepared to do 2-3 updates in the next 2-3 months”

Windows Users - Download and use Qbundle This software makes it absolutely simple to run the 1.3.6cg wallet, and also upgrade to any new releases.
Qbundle Install Guide

PoC Package Repository - For those using Linux, there is a package repository maintained by the PoC Consortium. This will install the 1.3.6cg wallet as a service.

Mac Users Read This Walkthrough - Currently there isn’t a very easy way to install the wallet on a Mac, but this walkthrough was created to help everyone out.

Keep Yourself Updated!!
It’s important for the community to stay informed on the progress here. Please use these resources to stay on top of things.

Follow these twitter accounts:

You can also check in on the following sites for current news:

GetBurst Forums Announcements

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