The Dymaxion Speculation - What We Know and What Does Everyone Think?


Most of us have heard by now that the PoC Consortium is to have a BFA (Big F***ing Announcement) on the 27th of this month. They have put up a countdown page at which is expected to be the source of the big reveal when it runs down.

Don’t know who/what the PoC Consortium is? Read their introduction by their spokesman @rico666 on Bitcointalk

@Gadrah today released an interview with members of the PoC Consortium today, which gives us some more hints on what The Dymaxion could be.

I have assembled some other hints and clues from other websites and discussion forums to try get some discussion going here.

Burstcoin 2.0

Massive Github Activity

The Announcement Will Not Be That of a Partnership

"This is the biggest update to any crypto to date."

No Business Too Big


Burst Will Stay The Same


So, looking back at the PoCC’s Stage 1 post on bitcointalk, @rico666 states “We came to lead BURST to its rightful place among other cryptocurrencies and we believe that place is nowhere else than upwards of where BURST is today and upwards of where it will be tomorrow.”

Let’s assume that we all don’t believe Burst is currently in its rightful place. Where is it then? What does Burst need to be mingling among the top cryptocurrency projects? Burst started out being a leader in innovation with a “green” proof of capacity mining and smart contracts, among other things. What I think Burst needs, is to be on the cutting edge of innovation - it needs to have the world talking about it and wanting to use it. What things would bring Burst to the top?

I’m hoping to get some good discussion going here on the topic. I have spent a lot of time, energy, and money on Burst, and I’m ready to see it enter the spotlight. If you have any more hints to add to what I have up here, please post them as well!

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The Dymaxion - An Interview With The PoC Consortium

Very nice and diligent assembly of evidence Ryan!

All I can add as of now is this: The PoCC does not deny or qualify anything that you brought up.
Except I’d be careful - if someone coughs it can have different reasons… :wink: