The PoCC Releases The New Burst Testnet


Another day, another announcement! You have have seen a Burst testnet mentioned in the past, but recently one has not existed, at least not publicized. The PoCC has created a new, permanent testnet for anyone to use. Any respectable cryptocurrency needs a testnet to be running alongside the mainnet to be able to test new features, bug fixes, and just more easily enable the coin’s technology to be advanced without risk of losing coins, damaging the network, etc. However, there is another benefit, something that everyone in the Burst community can take advantage of. : Coins on the testnet will be bountiful and easily obtained. This will enable anyone to go and practice anything they wish on the network before moving it to the mainnet. So if for instance, someone wishes to practice releasing an asset before creating the real one, they can use the testnet to make sure everything goes smoothly and as expected.

I mentioned that the testnet will be permanent. This means that it will not be reset, or started over at any time. This will enable the testnet to mimic the mainnet more closely. Creating a testnet that mirrors the mainnet as close as possible will give a better idea of how changes added to the mainnet would react. This will be a permanent training and learning ground for both developers and users.

Anyone is free to set up a wallet and solo mine on the testnet if they wish (pool mining will not be a possibility until block 6000 - when reward recipients can be changed). Please keep in mind that you do not need a large miner to win blocks here, please keep your miner at a couple hundred gigabytes at most. We don’t need the difficulty getting out of hand on the testnet! It’s also not necessary to mine if you would like some “play burst”. The PoCC will be acting as a kind of mega-faucet…anyone interested can get 2000 Burst for testing purposes, or 5-10k Burst if you’re a developer. People are free to “experiment without remorse”, and get to know the current Burst features better, and new ones as they are added.

If you have any questions or comments about this testnet, we have created a topic to discuss it here: Discussion Thread For New Testnet

This is a huge step in breathing new life into Burst! Some people may have had their doubts about whether or not Burst was really being developed anymore…well this is just more proof that the PoCC is here and hard at work. For those of you that wish to connect to the testnet without installing a wallet, you can visit the public testnet wallet at . Also, in the next post down, is information regarding setting up a testnet wallet/node.

Happy BURSTing everyone!

One Month of PoCC
Ein Monat PoCC
Weekly Burst Report #1 - 09/03/2017

The following is information regarding setting up a testnet wallet / node. Currently, the PoCC’s testnet wallets are version 1.3.3cg which can be downloaded from here:

Follow installation procedures there except for the changes mentioned below:

Assuming that the DB name of the testnet wallet will be “testburstwallet”, then the changes to the installation will be:

echo "CREATE DATABASE testburstwallet; CREATE USER 'burstwallet'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON testburstwallet.* TO 'burstwallet'@'localhost';" | mysql -uroot
mysql -u root testburstwallet < init-mysql.sql

Where the first three lines in the file init-mysql.sql haev to be changed to

drop database testburstwallet;
create database testburstwallet
CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;
use testburstwallet;

In the wallet config file (nxt.propeties), you will have to set some testnet-specific keywords:



MOST IMPORTANT (please read)
** Use testnet, leave set to false unless you are really testing.**
Never unlock your real accounts on testnet! Use separate accounts for testing only.
When using testnet, all custom port settings will be ignored,
and hardcoded ports of 6874 (peer networking), 6875 (UI) and 6876 (API) will be used.

Questions regarding installation and operation can be posted to the testnet topic created here:

Wichtige News: PoCC veröffentlicht das neue Burst Testnet