Threshold for transfer

Hi all. Just started mining. I’m planning on going up to at least a few TB, but right now I’m at just about 0.5TB just to get started and see how this whole mining thing functions. I realize what I’m currently running won’t get me much. I’m mining on the suggested pool, and was just wondering what the threshold is for how many Burstcoins you have to amass with them before it gets transferred into your wallet. Thanks.


The set payout is 100 coins. However, you can read on the right side of this page under “Dynamic Payout” on how to change this.

Waiting until 100 will get you more Burst though…every time you get sent some, it costs 1 Burst.

Ok, that makes sense. So, follow-up question: is there someplace on the pool page that I missed where you can check your progress toward that 100 Burst?

Absolutely. Just enter your BURST address in this box on the main page.