Transaction fee - always at least 1 BURST?


Hi, do every transaction/action have a fee of at least 1 Burst?

Been mining with 4TB for almost a week, just over 20 Burst. Was looking to send a coin back to @ryanw and another new starter.

Am i right in thinking it will COST 1 Burst to send 1 Burst (2 in total). Then another Burst to send on. If so, its better to just send to a new starter.


yes you are correct


These fees will be moved to a sliding scale in the future (I believe BRS 2.2.0), but yeah right now transactions are 1 BURST.


What is the sliding scale? I saw you can set the amount of Fee for transactions? Does higher fees give your transaction higher priority?



It’s a slot-based system that was implemented…first come first served sort of thing. This is not like btc priority bidding, though. The wiki can explain it better than I