Owner and Operator Renegade Pool. I have been running a Burstcoin pool since August 2016 and have been mining since January 2016. Created Burst Bash and was first of it kind (10 x Block Reward dropped on pool) during 24 hour time. It has been held 1 time a month except when we were being ddosed out of being. We rose from the ashes now Renegade has over 200 miners! We were once a proud pool of 500+ miners but reckon someone got jealous. Never the less we will be great again! We are working on a shield to keep the bad guys out and other defenses to keep us safe.

tross is disabled and trolls at home. I just turned 53 but still feel young at heart. I live in Germany which was my last duty station while in the Army. I was at Miesau Army Depot not far from Landstuhl. I was a electronic technician worked on two radars of the Hawk Missile. We fixed to the component level so favor hardware over software. Because I wasnt German they offered some schooling. I went to Heidelberg studied computers and got the equivalent a++ certification. I also certified MCP and Novell while there. Never got that dream job but loved all the training.

My reasoning for starting this pool was to become a part of this community. Little did I know lots of drama was round the corner. Lexicon helped me sort urays pool code. He worked I tested this code and his changes for 6 - 8 months. I seen how hard he works He is an asset in all that he does both here and real life.

I have plans to upgrade my pool. Was also asked to help run 2 other pools. So tross busy. Everyone is welcome to try my pool. 30 day deadlines and 40 bust min payout and a Burst Bash every month! Just need to send Burst address and IP to


Thanks for coming in Tross! I have had at least one miner on your pool since starting with Burst. You’re a very dedicated man :slight_smile:


No problem! Just wish I had wrote something better than I did but guess that explains a little about what I am.


Welcome back Tross! :slight_smile:


Welcome back @tross,
I don’t think me met, but from what I read you have been in BURST for a long time and you know your stuff.
It is great to have someone like you joining the family.
BURST is awesome, I am so happy we have a new place to have a great time and get BURSTing again :slight_smile:
Happy to met you and I can’t wait to read more about you.
Have a great time.