Trying to figure things out

Alright, so I’ve been mining for a few days. I’m constantly learning and searching for the answer to several question. Currently, I am trying to figure out how the pools work.

I believe I have a grasp of deadlines. Everyone in the pool sends them in; the smaller the deadline, the better.
What I’m currently attempting to understand is the relation between deadlines and shares/all and difficulty.

My deadlines are usually quite bad, something like 39days and some hours. Having only 500GB, I am not surprised, and I am NOT complaining. Occasionally, I’ll get a decent time relatively. This happened last night, where I got a deadline of 8hrs. My shares shot up from 0.09/0.01% to 1.46/0.11% which is quite high for me. Another strange thing is that my deadline hasn’t changed at all. I’ve sent some but only the 8hrs shows up and my shares stayed the same, while my all decreases every round or two.

My questions:

The better the deadline, the higher the share/all?
Why does my all decrease, but not my shares over time?
Do you get better deadlines with more hard drive space?
Why did my “current deadlines” stop showing up after I got an 8hr best deadline?
Is it an end goal to go through more and more rounds? I usually only get like 9 before it resets.

It’s very likely that I am over-simplifying these relationships, after all correlation doesn’t equal causation. If this is the case, please set me straight. At the end of the day, I want a deeper meaning of how pools works, in regards to my hard drive size, deadlines, shares and rounds.

Thanks in advance.

I haven’ used fastpool, but I just am assuming that:

Shares|Current - Is for the current round
Shares|All - Is for everything building up to the next block that the pool finds.

So, the lower the deadline, the more shares you get.
I am guessing the all decreases because a block was found (this should reset this number, and also distribute any coins into your pending)
You have a better chance at getting lower deadlines the more space you have.
I don’t know why your current stoped showing here.
Yes, with this type of pool, it is best to get a share in for every round if you can. uses software that was first developed by uray, then modified by Lexicon, then finally modified by CRK (owner of

I hope this helps. There is another pool type that is run and developed by the current Burst developers. Head over to and you can find a ton of information on how they determine your shares there. These two pools calculate in completely different ways.

Start with the “Info” tab at the top of the page, and also the “Quick Info” tab in the middle of the page.

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I appreciate you taking the time to set things straight for me. I believe a those assumptions are correct, and I’ll keep looking into it. Have a great one!

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