Trying to setup gpu for plotting


I just down loaded the new GPU plotter GPU plot generator v4.1.3. Would someone be kind enough to help walk me thru this? And is this the correct generator for windows 10? I also have downloaded burstcoin-jminer-0.4.11-SNAPSHOT. I have no clue what I am doing with these. tried using the AIO CPU plotter on my 8TB seagate but after 2 days was only at 26%.

Thank you


Hi @TheWatcher

Its very simple. First, please follow this VDO.

IMineBlocks has describe the steps in very detail. I also followed this VDO when I start Burst mining

If you have any further question, please let me know. I’ll try to answer as much as I can.

Good luck and happy bursting.:slight_smile:


Hi! So, before we go any further, the Seagate external drives use a certain drive type that is slow as hell to plot. Once plotted, they work just fine. The drives are known as SMR drives, which stands for Shingled Magnetic Recording. It’s usually recommended to plot to a “normal” drive and then copy the plot files to the SMR drive. The flip side is that the drives cost less, which is why we use them even though we complain about plotting them. I’ve got twelve myself, so I know. Even with a good GPU plotter it might take two to three days to plot an 8TB STEB8000100 drive. I usually plotted four 2TB files to my local internal drive and then copied them to my Seagates. The copy itself will be slow, but it’s way faster than trying to plot directly.

You’ve got the right plotting and mining software. Read the documentation for the GPUPlotter. It will have you run a few initial runs to get data about your graphics card, and it will create an initial devices.txt file for you. The problem is that the values it suggests often don’t work. This is usually due to the graphics card also running a monitor, which consumes resources. Getting the “perfect” values for the devices.text file has filled up many forum posts, and I don’t have time tonight, but here is the contents of my devices.txt file which works will with my NVidia card (1060):

0 0 2048 128 2048

OK. So you have a valid devices.txt file. Now you need a makeplots.bat file (the actual name does not matter). You can plot buffered or direct, but direct writes optimized plots straight to the destination, so this is what you should use.

Here is the contents of one of my bat files:

CD “C:\CryptoCurrency\Burst Coin\gpuPlotGenerator” (your path obviously)

( format: gpuPlotGenerator generate direct [path][your_numeric_id_here][starting nonce][nonces to plot]_[stagger] )

gpuPlotGenerator generate direct E:(your_numeric_id_here) _ 251805125 _ 6104449_11453
gpuPlotGenerator generate direct E:(your_numeric_id_here) _ 257909574 _ 6104449_11453
gpuPlotGenerator generate direct E:(your_numeric_id_here) _ 264014023 _ 6104449_11453
gpuPlotGenerator generate direct E:(your_numeric_id_here) _ 270118472 _ 6104449_11453
gpuPlotGenerator generate direct E:(your_numeric_id_here) _ 276222921_ 6104449_11453


NOTE: there are no spaces before and after the underscores…the post editor wouldn’t show them unless I added the spaces!

This sequentially generates five plot files on one drive. You can also use one command and plot to two or three separate drives at once; consult the documentation.

Once you get a good devices.txt and plot.bat file, try running the bat file by right clicking and choosing “Run as Administrator”. It will either work or die horribly. But see if you can get that far for now. It’s a start. Unfortunately my wife is yelling that dinner is ready and I’m starving, so I can’t add any more right now. Try it, report back, and someone will help debug or get you going with the mining. Good luck!

@Zyrem had a good suggestion…the IMineBlocks videos got me going. Lee does a nice job laying it all out.


@Zyrem and @Evo thank you both very much for the info I forgot about lee’s vid’s and I also for about the slowness of plotting Seagate drives. I am amazed at what can be forgotten after not doing something for a while. I def. need to slow down and go back to basic’s I feel like I am in a rush to get going again.

Thank you both again it time to back to study vid’s.,