Trying to start mining


Hi I’m trying to start mining and I need the initial burst coin to start, was told I could ask for some here?
Edit fixed address: BURST-CL6C-LB63-WLKE-8DZCR
Thank you!


You’ve got a ton of Burst already.


Oh I think that was the faucet I was trying to get burst from’s address,
this is my address: BURST-CL6C-LB63-WLKE-8DZCR .
I got 1 from that faucet but I spent it somehow. I think on some kind of authentication? I’m honestly not sure.
Sorry I’m an idiot.


Ah, okay. Sent you a few. :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks! I’ll be sure to pay you back once I start mining!


No need. Pay it forward and help someone else.