Turbo plotter 9000?

I’m plotting with turbo plotter, using my cpu razen 7. It says it will take 472hr to complete my 8tb ex drive. Is this normal or should I try something else???

What kind of connection does this external drive have? USB2 or USB3?

For the seagate externals, I have seen it take around 10 days for people. The bottleneck is the write speed of the drive, not your cpu.

20 days seems excessive though, so I was thinking perhaps you are using a slower connection.

how do I tell usb2 or 3, I switched my 1070 and the plot time keeps going up as well

You’d have to look up the specs of your motherboard/system/add-on card.

usb 1 = usb connector with white tongue
usb 2 = usb connector with black tongue
usb 3 = usb connector with blue tongue

look in the usb plug.

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there black

most likely usb2

that explains why its so slow, uggg

Has anyone tried Turbo Plotter 9000 Pro??? If so is it worth it?

Currently using Turbo Plotter to plot my WD My Book 8TB (i have shucked this drive so now on internal Sata 6G/bs)

CPU is i5 2500 at about 5500 nonces/min - started at about 95 hours to plot

no difference