Turbo Plotter 9K

Anyone using Turbo Plotter 9K?

WD Red NAS 6TB plotting 35 hours on GTX 1030. Testing now

My Seagate 8TB is having error Readfile code = 2 ( Unexpected end of file ) Using Xplotter_vx2 to plot. Took me 6 days to complete and mine for 3 days only.

I plotted 8TB WD Red in 26 hrs with an AMD R7 360.
Perhaps you could drag the plot icon into the turboplotter config screen it should show you if its truly corrupted.
This has never happened to me but perhaps you could save plotting time with Blagos plotschecker it can truncate broken plots. (or tell you to replot)
early versions of turboplotter had bugs fixed recommend you be sure its the latest version.
Good Luck :slight_smile:
Oh BTW I set my disks to quick removal mode it seems to increase throughput though perhaps that’s the drives cache I don’t know

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Hi there. Thanks ZapbuzZ. I did what you suggest. Guess what? No problem with my plot. Today I completed a 6TB WD plotting. And I mine it with the seagate 8 TB. … No more error messages. Think. It is cause by pool unstable server. Lucky I did not format and replot the 8TB. I better switch pool after reaching a 100. My archive seagate drive 128MB cache will take more that a 140 hours with GTX 1050TI OC. WD Red NAS 6TB with 64MB cache take 29 hours. I better switch HDD manufacturer too.

For the plot checker function is there a way to check all of you plots and get a report output option? The reason I ask is I have like 150 drive and over 500tb plotted and it would be nice to verify there health and check for overlap

66 Hrs for the Nvidia 750Ti