Unable to withdraw Burst from BitTRex


Hi! Can you do something with BitTRex exchange, where your coin listed ?
I try to withdraw Burst, but always get warn about “invalid address”. WTF ?? Only one answer that BitTRex support tell me is “recheck correctly your Burst address…”. Maybe they have old version of addresses or what?

I sending Burst to this address - BURST-E5UW-D4X6-CXEN-4LA7Q


Hi Kixot14

According to https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/

“Sorry, we did not find what you’ve searched for.”

Can you send a screenshot of your wallet please ?


What you wanted to find? This address dont have any transactions.
I just create Burst address with QBundle client (v2.5.0b / BRS v2.2.1). Bought Burst on BitTrex and try to withdraw my coins to this address - BURST-E5UW-D4X6-CXEN-4LA7Q. But BitTrex don’t let me do it because “address is invalid”.

I don’t understand why my address is invalid…


Ok, thats your problem.
You need to assign a name or make a transaction or assign your wallet to a pool.
Only then will the address be known on the chain.


But hmm still something is wrong cos we wouldn’t be able to send you any either …
Can you send a screenshot of your burst wallet ?


This one is not up to date but for example …


Here is my wallet


Seed is: rather fly dish random except completely surely floor bring receive bone king
(don’t contain funds. It’s ok)


Ok well this wallet is also updating, see at the bottom left.

Try to change to an online wallet, where it says


Btw. seeing as you have pasted your password i recommend you make a new wallet !


Yes, please do not transfer any funds into this wallet now.


“Yes, please do not transfer any funds into this wallet now.”

Man, i understand that. Im not a newbie… But i dont understand why i can’t make withdraw from BitTRex and make deposit to this address =(


Please, buy someone 10 Burst on Bittrex, and try to make withdraw. You will see that Bittrex always show that your address is invalid. Burst at this moment have very low activity and maybe noone reported you about that trouble because all users store Burst on exchanges and dont make withdraw…

BiTTrex support just ignore me all day


Have you even tried to log on online ?
If you have never logged onto an updated wallet your account does not exist.
So in this case Bitrex are correct.



Burst It’s a cryptocurrency or what?? Sure im not trying “login on my account”, because i generate and store all my keys on the offline computer.

So… I can make deposit to my address only after “log in online” ?? It’s stupidly!


This is how the Burst wallet has always worked.

To conclude.
The address you had created was never logged into online so it has never been created on the chain.
You cannot create anything offline with Burst as your wallet would not be up to date on the block chain.
Good luck!



My verdict: BURST is not a true cruptocurrency if i can’t create address in offline and sign transactions offline.
I am very disappointed. Very!


How would you transfer to it from bitrex if its ofline ?


Now looks like i understand why Burst is a 1st “crypto” which provide smart-contracts, but despite of this, Ethereum surpassed you hundreds of times


On Poloniex your funds would have been locked.
Then you’d have to make a support ticket and wait 2 weeks for them to maybe reply.
So id say you were lucky Bitrex actually checks if the address exists.