Upgrade Wallets to Prepare for Dymaxion

If you have not already upgraded your wallet to v1.3.6cg, please do so in order to prepare for the launch of Dymaxion.

Guides for both windows and mac are listed below. Video tutorials will be coming out in the next week or two.

Windows 10 - Qbundle


I have also written a tutorial for running a full node on a windows machine. macOS tutorial coming soon.

Full Node Setup Guide

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What is Dymaxion?


Hmmm I am not a very smart guy, but from the very limited amount I could understand, it sounds like most transactions will happen outside of the Burst Mining network and therefore will reduce not only the fee rewards to the miners, but will make mining quite a bit less necessary as there will be less qty of transactions.

Perhaps Burst will rise in value because of the necessity to utilize it as the collateral. But lets say starbucks wants to create a tangle for their stores and is required to hold x million burst to back up the new transactions they are authorized to do. They can conduct an unlimited number of transactions inside the tangle until it folds.

The X million burst is taken out of circulation, which increases the rarity of burst thereby necessitating an increase in value. I dont know. If there are no fees generated in the tangles, and there are significantly fewer transactions in burst, I dont think the rarity of the burst coin is going to keep it’s price high enough to always make it worth mining.

But rest assured, I know very little about Crypto Currencies and I am very new to Burst and only joined the community because of the eco-benefits Burst offers.

Thankfully, we have some realllllllly smart people working so passionately to grow Burst and I am certainly going to do whatever I can to help. I will set up a full node this weekend.

Good Luck POC Consortium!!!


As promised I did indeed start a full node. One suggestion to anyone else that does it. make sure you disable messages from AWS regarding the node or you will get 20+ emails a day. Other than that it was easy and does not affect my computer at all.