Usb controllers that work


Don’t know about you guys, but my biggest challenge is to find usb 3.0 controllers that actually do what they are supposed to do.

Tried NEC first - work fine on intel, but incompatible with AMD systems
Then Freso chips… the controller worked fine at first, then I noticed the 4th port would go down if all others were connected. Have a 2nd one, same issue. :expressionless:
I also have a VIA controller, so far that seems to work best - but I have not tried connecting all ports yet.

Sometimes I lose a few drives when a controller goes fubar…
I’d like to have more internal disks, but they are just too expensive.

What do you use?



Yeah, ok, I have seen those. However with my setup (lots of pcie x1) it makes more sense to buy x1 controllers. Also they are way cheaper. With that card I’d also need a lot of hubs, and that is another failure point.

Although I’d assume this card works better regarding the price.


Sata in the end will be faster than USB. I used two of these cards

You have to flash them when you get them in whats called “IT MODE” (the card comes flashed from the factory in RAID mode but that is not what you want for burst mining.

Two cards will give you 16 sata data connections with improved speed. With the cards you need to buy the SAS to SATA connections Here is my setup;

2 LSI cards = 16 sata connections
MOBO sata connections = 5

I have a total of 21 sata connections.
1 - 850w power supply runs my entire rig

If you were to populate the entire rig with 8 TB drives (my goal) you can be running 168TB.
In short you will not need 21 data outlets. 21 USB ports etc etc you get the idea.

Small footprint not a bunch of crazy cables.



Sure, SATA is nice. But I was asking about which USB controllers you guys use :slight_smile:


Wait till the price drops down to $159.00 each which they do once a month. Caution Best Buy carries two of these exact same model. Place each one in your SAVED ITEMS under you bestbuy account and sit back and wait. I picked up 4 of these just last week. What a steal…


All valid points.


I live in the EU. HDD’s are more expensive. And the WD 8tb’s (that I got) don’t have the red’s in them, but the white drives. I don’t think they will be in warrany once you remove them.
I might remove them, surely I will once the warranty runs out.

One WD 8tb drive (which I only buy when they are reduced in price) is 200€


Used a short period only. Speed test showed same as a SATA drive connected to MOBO.

Sorry OVERSHOT the runway on previous post.


Yeah, I have one of those sata cards, they work good.


Of course you can keep the warranty just keep the box and parts you shuck them from in a small baggie in the box as well. If something goes bad match the drive with the box and send it back. There are no seals to break or showing you shucked them. I have like 10 boxes in the garage… :grinning:


Yeah that is my fallback card, still on the mobo, if my LSI goes bad I have 4 ports available.


We only get the WD Mybooksüsselung-automatische-Datensicherung-WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN/dp/B01LWVT81X/

from the youtube vids I watched they are very difficult to take apart without breaking the tabs. I have not seen the easystores for a sensible price anywhere here.


I have 2 6tb mybooks that will run out of warranty soon, I will try it there.

But anyways, My setup with usb disks generally works gread. Had 50TB with scan time of 20sec. I don’t think it will increase much with the new ones I’m plotting. My only issue is wit usb controller reliability.


I hear you but it is not hard to shuck TRUST ME I can do one in 3 min and I have yet to break the tabs on any of them. The first one was a pain but the video is drive specific. I hear you !!! Sorry about the suggestion I did not know they were not available in the EU.

If your ever here on vaca and their on sale, you know what to do :grinning:



No problem, I aprreciate it.

Edit: HAHA yeah. trying to smuggle a suitcase of easystores through customs :wink:


@topic: if you know of pcie x1 usb cards that work fine I’d like to hear what you use.


Just wanted to let you know:
You are right, they are easy to take apart. I am running most of them on sata now, but there is really no difference form a perfomance point of view. Power useage difference is also minimal.
Maybe I am also limited by the Chipset /CPU, I can’t seem to get over 1GB/s read speed. Its a cheap Ryzen 5 1600.
At least I have more room for USB drives now.


Good to hear that. If you shucked the drive where are you placing the drive so your on direct SATA ? To the USB card with the Sata Ports? I looked up your ryzen 5 1600. Pretty hefty 3.2 Ghz 6 core. Nothing to sneeze at. At the end of the day you will get better speeds with sata hands down.

I just can’t see dealing with “n” power cords, “n” outlets and strips etc etc. You won’t regret it.


Conntected to onboard and add-in sata 6g card(pcie x4). But like I said, no difference in read speed - for me. But still, If I want to expand I can now add more usb drives.

I am actually a bit sorry I didn’t buy the 8core version, but it was not in my budget. I agree, ryzen is pretty good at this workload. Not sure what is limiting, possibly the chipset as it is a cheap (b350), but I’m not sure. I switched to gpu (mine is to slow to use for mining) so see if I at least get higher read speeds when the cpu is not loaded - but nope - so it shouldn’t be cpu limited.

Currently 90TB in ~30+sec.

So tipp from me: Don’t bother shucking the usb drives If you don’t want to - it does not make much difference. And I had the best Luck with 7port VIA usb cards.


If your going to go with the GPU plotter you know that that plot file when done will not be optimized. You (should) optimize the plot afterwards. That will involve another program and another pass over the file to do so. I heard you will need a secondary space, in the same size your going to optimize so it has a place to OPTIMIZE TO.

Good luck