User spamming low share?

I saw this posted on a pool. Do all miners stop submitting deadlines if it is greater than 1 that they already submitted? Is there a setting that you have to enable so that this doesn’t happen?

to prevent user spamming low share, we implement share penalty of -0.001 on each submission for miners who submit nonce that has higher deadline than their (current round) own best deadline, as spamming low share is no use since pool will always pick one best deadline for every submitted nonce per round.


This isn’t an issue unless you are mining on more than one machine… each of them aren’t talking to each other to see what the last deadline submitted was.

That’s about what I got out of it. A single miner doesn’t have that issue because the mining software keeps track of everything, but the first miner would not be aware of what the second miner is doing.

That sounds like we need to be able to cluster our miners and have them talk on a back channel so they are aware of each other. That’s about how sophisticated the GPU mining had got to just about when I stopped, you could manage a room full of milk crate miners from a single user interface and they acted as a single miner.


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