Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool U.S.A


Just stood up a brand new pool at voiplanparty.com if any miners are interested to join located in the US.


  • 0-100 share reward setup
  • Minimum payout is 20 Burst (good for beginner miners)
  • Pool fee is 0.25%
  • Recipient: BURST-MBCG-4ERH-FVH5-2GTXB
  • Website URL: voiplanparty.com
  • Mining URL: voiplanparty.com (port:8124)
  • Deadline: 31536000

Improvements to the pool will be made based on miner feedback.
If you have any questions send me a pm or just reply here.

Thank you,


updated to CG mining pool software for ease of use for miners.


changed deadline to 31536000 to prevent too many queries to the server


Pool has been updated to POC2 Capable CG software and 2.0.4 wallet. We need some big miners to help us test it.

Thank you,


Pool is Hard Fork ready. Upgraded to 2.2.0 Wallet.



Pool is now running newest version of GoBurstPool software and has successfully mined passed 502000. We are small but we pay a lot. Come and join.