Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool



  • 0-100 share reward setup
  • Minimum payout is 1 Burst
  • Pool fee is 0.25%
  • Recipient: BURST-MBCG-4ERH-FVH5-2GTXB
  • Website URL: voiplanparty.com
  • Mining URL: voiplanparty.com (port:8124)
  • Deadline: 31536000
  • tx fee 0.0017 based on current number of active recipients. With more miners the fee will decrease.
  • Improvements to the pool will be made based on miner feedback.

If you have any questions send me a pm or just reply here.

Setup Instructions for Qbundle:

  1. for new miners go to https://faucet.burstpay.net/ and get your first coin.
  2. plot your hard drives using the builtin plotter or TuboPlotter 9000 (recommended, just set nounces to auto and go) https://blackpawn.com/tp/
  3. set recipient like this alt text
  4. Wait 20 minutes and get a coffee. It takes 4 blocks for the new recipient assignment to take effect.
  5. set your miner like this and add plot files. Start mining!alt text

Thank you,