Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool



  • 0-100 share reward setup
  • Minimum payout is 1 Burst (good for beginner miners)
  • Pool fee is 0.25%
  • Recipient: BURST-MBCG-4ERH-FVH5-2GTXB
  • Website URL: voiplanparty.com
  • Mining URL: voiplanparty.com (port:8124)
  • Deadline: 31536000
  • miner tx fee 0.008
  • custom payout fee is 0
  • Improvements to the pool will be made based on miner feedback.
  • Discord Server invite https://discord.gg/YxUGA4T
    f you have any questions send me a pm or just reply here. Miners of all sizes are welcome.


VoIP LAN Party name came from a domain setup for online PC gamer servers playing everything from Unreal Tearnement to Minecraft started by a bunch of friends to hang out together online and at physical location hosting real LAN parties. This spirit of welcoming community is still alive in the BURST community, pool’s Discord Server and forums. This pool has one of the lowest fees on the internet and a supporting community that is willing to help any miner to get started and have a good time online. Come join the LAN Party! :slight_smile:
Setup Instructions for Qbundle:

  1. for new miners go to https://faucet.burstpay.net/ and get your first coin.
  2. plot your hard drives using the builtin plotter or TuboPlotter 9000 (recommended, just set nounces to auto and go) https://blackpawn.com/tp/
  3. set recipient like this alt text
  4. Wait 20 minutes and get a coffee. It takes 4 blocks for the new recipient assignment to take effect.
  5. set your miner like this and add plot files. Start mining!alt text

Thank you,


Night Mode added to website and pool is performing 30 to 60% above expected profits per burst mining calculations.


Confirmed this is a good pool and performs well


Hi, I just got a Super micro with 2xL5640 Xeons, can anyone suggest how to go about mining on Linux and what to use Fedora or Ubuntu. I will be pooling on Vioplanparty.


Jump on the discord group and we can help you get started


What’s the profit from this pool? I don’t know how much I can dig my 100T hard drive?


The best profit. Come and join us on discord.


VLP pool (voiplanparty.com) is now officially part of the dropdown in Qbundle to mine on.