Wallet 2.0.4 sometimes stuck

“Downloading blockchain at 0 blocks/min” :weary:
I have had that issue in the past several times.

Always deleted my burst_db, downloaded another online version, moved it to folder , started wallet again and waited for synchronisation etc.
I dont want to do this again and again !!

Instead of implementing Atomic Cross-Tangle Transactions, ring signatures and zk-SNARKs, PoC-guys should better take care of proper wallet functionality :wink:

I wonder if the issue you’re having is related to you’re system and or operating environment. I have been running Qbundle version 2.0.2 for awhile without issue. Maybe I should knock on wood. :slight_smile:

Hi, lucky you. hmmmmm… i dont think it has something to do with my system, one reason is, i am an average windows 10 user - there is nothing special about my environment, the other reason is, there are already many complaints about that issue from others as well, and thats why this workaround can be found at all.

when this happens have you tried doing a rollback chain (popoff), usually works.

thanks so much for this advice :sweat_smile: - removing 100 blocks did the job for me.

:thinking: Still i do believe, this should not be necessary so often…

I think all agree, including the developers. However beggars can’t be choosers.

well said.

They will be making sure that the core wallet is functioning very well before progressing into the Dymaxion implementation. They’ve already pushed out a lot of updates on the wallet since release, and are still working on it.

No doubt, am full of Respect and admiration for the people behind and the work done by the PoCC.
Burst will be globally successfull if handling is made as easy as possible also for users outside the crypto-nerd community and so far they are on a good way. So every issue must be adressed beforhand, that was my intention.

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