Wallet Account ID changed after downloading and copying .db file in ..\burst_db


When the wallet was first installed, it had an ID of BURST-CRKY-K3FZ-KNT9-FDM4W

I then looked for a blockchain db file, found and downloaded from https://burstneon-bc.ddns.net
Copied into the …\burst_db folder and in 10 minutes my wallet was up to date, recent blocks showing.

I then noticed a new message on the dashboard:

" Welcome to your new BURST account. Your account ID is BURST-2SX6-X926-KBSC-6D3TU "

My question is why did the ID change? Was the first ID a temporary one until the block update?

file downloaded: (neonDb.zip) burst.mv.db, size 6.42 GB


Your account did not change. but you might have misspelled your passphrase. added or removed a space or something similar.


Logged in again and the ID is different, looks like I typed something wrong. Thanks @Quibus