Wallet has no winner info yet

So I don’t think I did something correct Im mining on Pool.Burstcoin.space and I keep getting the message “wallet has no winner info yet”

That’s a new one for me… don’t even have any records of that in searching for that error. I would guess to make sure the pool is synchronized correctly with the rest of the network (on the same block).

Im using pool.burstcoin.space


So I asked JohnnFFM who created that Blago mod. It’s because you need to point the winner info to a wallet to see the info, not point it at the pool. Else, you need to go into the config file and set showwinner = false.

OK I see thank you ryanw man I see you everywhere your like a damn army of one for burstcoin

You’re welcome, lol. Yeah, I manage every social channel for Burst, or at least am present :slight_smile: