Wallet recipient don't match after mining @ pool


i have been able to only mine at 0-100 burstcryptogurus pool for a about a week but I can only mine for no more 24 to 36 and the recipient don’t match error again and again, i have sent another burst directly from my wallet and i posted a message explaining this and i’m still getting the same message and this morning i checked the pool stats and my 32 plus burst that were there have vanished. so were does a miner go to support form the pools admin or support on this subject i have posted about this on the pools discord channel and have received no response.


I guess there could be a lot of problems… I have a miner there with no problems, and also we can’t do anything about the pool, so let’s assume the pool is not the problem.

First we should get your BURST address. Also if you have a screenshot or list of your plot filenames.


By the way, this is the official discord chat -


i am afraid that i will expire before i get a respnse


Not understanding you here.

I asked a couple questions to help, and also sent you a link to the correct discord server.

I don’t know what discord channel you went in, but it wasn’t theirs. #pocc-pools-english on the link I shared above.


ryanw i am logged into discord and notifications are allowed i have not received any from the admins or moderators. sorry for the inconvenience


This is the correct discord server to ask questions regarding the 0-100 burstcryptogurus pool.

Server Link - https://discordapp.com/invite/TRMjt8p

Channel - #pocc-pools-english or #pocc-pools-german


“Paths” : [“d:\Plots”,“e:\Plots”,“f:\Plots”,“g:\Plots”,“h:\Plots”,“i:\Plots”], i can not send screen shot miner i get upload error


I’m sorry @jgb211 this is difficult with you not answering my questions directly.

What is your first language?