Wallet Safety


Following the work I have been doing in Wallet Theft by H - BURST-5BGX-C7EA-A6ET-BAQCD:

I thought I would share my thoughts on where people are going wrong with their Wallets such that Burst can be stolen.

I will keep this post simple to start. So far I have not found a single instance of where a Wallet has been stolen that has used the Standard 12 Word Passphrase.

They have all been either short passwords, short phrases, phrases from known texts, Burst Addresses used as a Passphrase, the Passphrase has been exposed in some way, often in the Description Field.

So my advice for new users would be to accept the 12 Word Passphrase.

Be careful not to expose it or any clues to it in any description Field.
If you have a Wallet where you have put a clue in a Description field it is no use just deleting it, you need to transfer Burst to a new Wallet, as the earlier information is there on the Blockchain for all to see.

If you really feel that the 12 Word Passphrase is not secure enough for you, don’t get clever and start from scratch, just add additional words / numbers / other characters to it.

It would be great if more people who have had their Wallet stolen to share the details. If you don’t want to put it in public then PM me.


New User Password Safety

@RichBC Great advice for creating a password. Also, thank you so much for your investigations into the thefts.



Thank you so much @RichBC for all the work you are doing and taking care of the community.
Just wonderful!
I agree with @ryanw great advice on the creation of passwords.
Keep it up, I love reading your posts.:heart_eyes:


Great. Thanks for the advice.You definitely have a lot of knowledge on wallets for cryptocurrencies. Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge that you have. It helps a great deal.


Would you share how exactly you would add more words to your EXISTING Pass Phrase?

So folks can strengthen their pass phrases from say 12 to 16 words


Very good post


Before you enter the passphrase, you change it. Should be as simple as editing a text field.