Wallet Transaction Issue

I need some help on a wallet issue. How long does it take for a message to be sent in a burst transaction if you get a note in your wallet something to the effect that the message will be sent later even though the burst has been sent already?

This is delaying a Bittrex deposit and I’m wondering how long I should wait…

What wallet are you using?

Not familiar with that message, but if your wallet is not completely synced, you will have to wait until it is for a transaction to be sent.

It’s the Android Burst wallet that recently got the update for attaching messages and such to the transactions. The wallet seems to be synced and the transaction gone through and debited from my wallet balance, but Bittrex isn’t depositing my deposit as if the message didn’t go through properly.

I have a support ticket open with Bittrex but I dunno what else to do… But I also wonder if I attached the message correctly but…I didn’t think it seemed to be a difficult thing to do… So I’m confused and may have to wait a long while to get my Burst… But I do wanna make sure I send transactions properly from now on with the message added correctly :frowning:

Oh ok, I understand now.

This situation where you need to send a message with the transaction is only particular to Bittrex as far as I know. The android wallet makes it very simple to do, but perhaps you mistype a character or something…

Unfortunately, only Bittrex can help you sort it out. Good luck!

I figured as much. Thanks. But I do have one more question.

I noticed when sending from the Android Burst wallet that there was a lock and unlock option for sending the message in the transaction. I set it to unlock but… What exactly is that option about?

I haven’t gotten as far as using the messaging on the android wallet, but I would say that looks to be encryped (locked), and unencrypted (unlocked).