Wallet Wont start

Hello all I recently updated to QBundle 2.0.3 and now my wallet will not start. I was told to re-download and go from there but I really don’t want to have to download the entire blockchain again. Are there any suggestions for me to alleviate this issue? Or will there be another patch coming out for this? Another weird thing is my mining info is still saved when I start QBundle and go to tools. However, nothing else pops up when I go to start my miner… Any info will sure help.

If your database is corrupted, there really is no way around this doing this again.

I have been recommending people to just stick with Qbundle 1.9 with 1.3.6cg for now.

You are able to bootstrap with that version which works most of the time (download most of the blockchain without syncing through the client).

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You can use Bootstrap chain to get started in Qbundle 2.0.2 with BRS 2.0.3.