is it possible to purchase a bitcoin warehouse in china or anywhere else in the world? how would this be possible feasibly that is? can someone please explain this part to me? rsvp.


It is possible to buy a warehouse any where in the world, if you follow the laws of that country.
Afterwords what you put in it is your decisions :slight_smile:

If your talking about buying a mining farm, I guess you could do it as well, but I would do my research.
That is just my opinion.


then how come hackers who stole more than one billion dollars were able to do it then? rsvp.


@erikag how come any hacker any where in the world is able to hack what ever they what where ever they want???

You need to ask them not me :laughing:


@Estie_Trixie guess he assumes a warehouse will give him abilty to hack. My guess hasnt figured out what a port sniffer and brute force attacks are. If had to guess how they did it was put a forwarding script on the port miners used so all comunications were forwarded as one mining account. Who knows really … only ones that did it.