When is the new website going up?

Check out this free router on the bottom ;0)

Also if you ask Eijah, he could help you set up the site so nobody would even dream of hacking it ever again. it’s a double authentication on rotation cloud wallet away for being a real contender with etheurium. Would love to see it on Coinbase someday and overstock accept it as well. When you’re close to your goal is when you’ll meet the most resistance, don’t give up and reach out to some people for help, there’s some awesome people out there.

Here’s his direct contact



@Stazio Everyone was hoping the servers would be delivered today, but it’s looking like that didn’t happen unfortunately. From what I have heard from Haitch, it could be another week now that the shipping has been delayed…It’s not a new site afaik…although I do know that a new one is being worked on currently.

Don’t worry though, it’s just a small bump in the road. With the new development that is happening, Burst is poised for a rebirth. This time next year, everyone that kept their Burst will be happy :slight_smile:


I’m excited that I have time to add more :0)

Thanks :pray: for the info