What do you think of this?


Not really sure what it is but it’s some kinda burst/plot rental service.

Url deleted


Hey @Yey09,
I am not sure what to think about that.
I went though it and in my opinion it is a scam.
I would proceed with extreme precaution or just stay away :slight_smile:


I would stay as far away as possible. It looks like a scam. I might be wrong, but I see nothing on that website that would lead me to invest money there. @ryanw, is there a section on the forum where we can list sites that should be avoided by newcomers, or is that just going to stir up crap? Seems to me that we have a bit of a responsability to steer people clear of this kind of thing.


I would also stay away from that site as much as possible. Not only they gave a ton of spelling errors but the price tag seems a bit insane.


Well you can either pay $100 to mine their plotted 1tb, or you can buy, plot and own a 5tb HDD for $19 more. You are not wrong if you think this a scam because the numbers just don’t add up. Plus you can build a 1pb rig for $35,000, the site isn’t even try to be “Too good to be true”. Also if you hit on the “Business Plan” tab it scrolls you down to “Pricing Plans”. Don’t trust any sit offering Burstcoin cloud mining, Just look in the Exchange Market, where plenty of people are selling plots. Good luck my friend!


@whateveryousayman I agree that we have a responsibility to the community here…however that topic just dances around, and jumps all over drama. There is someone working on a system for the Asset Exchange now…a user moderated system. Perhaps there should be a website rating other Burst sites and services…