What does Burst need?


I’m looking for everyone to say at least one thing that they think Burst needs. It could be software, documentation, tools, community resource, or even just something as simple as being able to use Burst for purchases… Please share your thoughts!


I’ve said this before…

Burst needs an easy to use, one click miner. Burst’s greatest strength is that anyone can mine on almost any hardware. I’d love a simple program my grandma could download, run (with minimal effort to configure), and start seeing a number (her earned Burst) slowly go up on her screen.

I realize there are many challenges to creating such a program, not the least of which is the reward assignment and minimum fee per transaction. Still, I believe that if such a program existed, we could take Burst to the masses.


A truly united community composed of faithful individuals willing to work on promoting Burst instead of fighting and bashing the coin.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts guys. I’m hoping more people will chime in and share as well.


Well my thoughts are like this.

  • Burst needs more ease of access.
    It should be super simple to get things going and you should not have to bother with technical things to get up and running. Like editing config files and similar. Download ->Start-> burst away.

  • Mining in pools
    We need to get rid of fees for self editing purposes. No fees for changing reward recipients nor for name changing. This is a tough one to achieve without consensus of community.

  • Plotting
    We also need to get rid of technical stuff for plotting. All users should be bothered with is how much space they will assign for burst mining project.

  • Faucets
    We need to make sure that faucets are live and working. They shall not have any locks to them that require users to sign up with email or participate in surveys aka locker adds. I recently seen a faucet that uses the new coin that is mined in webpage. You need to set aside a few seconds of pow to get access. I liked that but I would like to be informed before it starts.

  • Community / forums
    Well I think we have more than the community need atm. We need to promote it cross wise and on all resources to keep it alive.

  • Users
    We need more users to run local wallets. We get more every day it seems like in the forums. But when you look on how many wallets that are online we do not get even close to that amount. It feels like 1/100 runs a local wallet of the new (slight exaggeration maybe :wink:).

I bet I have tons of more ideas but right now I’m out of ink in my keyboard.



Hi everyone,
so I know that this idea is way out there, but I will say it anyway.
I am not a techie person at all. As all of you can see, on the forum, I don’t give mining advice.
I read it everything and when people come here I try to direct them the best way I can.

I know that Burst lovers, even me, love the idea of mining, but for some one like me it can get very complicated, very fast.and that is discouraging. :slight_smile:

I am discovering more and more POS and I am loving it more and more.
I don’t know if it is possible to make some kind of BabyBurst that could be POS.
For some one like me or like Flippy say’s:

He is right, with my POS I can see everything and I even installed my own wallet.
I know that no one want’s another fork and it might be a really hard thing to do or even think of, but I think that it could be interesting.

I hope you guys find a bunch of great way to get BURST out there :blush:
Good work, keep it up!


Because history repeats itself, has anyone looked back to see what made litecoin or ethereum take off as well as they did? Is Burst doing similar things, or is there something that we should be doing if we want greater acceptance in the future?

I mined Lite back in the day and I don’t think that Burst is any more difficult to set up for mining or using a wallet; they are very similar.

Whatever made them great, we should make sure to follow.


Burst needs faith

Faith of investors, which includes of course also its users who may invest money (buy & hodl) and other resources into it (like time, blood, sweat and tears setting things up).

I know people will not like it, but while ease of access for regular users (1-click wallet install) is important, Some 1-click solution for miners is not and may not even be desirable.

Miners will not come if mining is a 1-click solution. Miners will come if mining is (highly) profitable. In fact, if Burst promises way better profitability than other coins, miners will jump through burning hoops and spend sleepless nights to get it up and running.

Easy come, easy go. If there is no effort to start mining, there is no barrier to stop mining. Mining-hopping (as is the case for PoW) is not something we want or Burst needs. Also, there is some given profit to be made with mining. The more you dilute this profit among more and more people/miners, the more you work against your original intention.

Burst needs visionaries

Burst needs people who are able to see further than the next mined block. People who do not chase the next trend, but rather make the new one. People who are not afraid to stand in for their visions despite the frowning majority/community who would prefer to chase trends. I said visionaries - not people with delusions.

Burst needs competent and dedicated people

What true visionaries most often hear are the phrases “that’s impossible”, “that’s too much work” etc. That’s because - to the general public - what they propose may seem unreachable or unorthodox at best. Fortunately, there are sometimes also people around, whose skills can accomplish what the force of many cannot. Team up these with true and experienced visionaries and you get an unstoppable steamroller.

Burst needs stubborn and bold people

Is the whole world telling you that you are betting on a shitcoin? Even if you know better, having a majority telling you this, it can gnaw on you. At some point you may tend to buckle, because the majority is always right even when it’s wrong. Right? Wrong! The majority is oblivious, the majority follows trends - or what it perceives as such. It’s necessary that there are some people who stand firm as a rock (in the breakers).

Faith helps with stubbornness. See above. Repeat.


I agree with most of what you say. However…

I disagree that a one click miner isn’t desirable.

When I first got into Burst, it was with the intention of gamifying mining. I envisioned a screen-saver-like, one click mining wallet in which your mining efforts were rewarded with little animations and of course you could send and receive your earned Burst. (I may have discussed this on Haitch’s forum - can’t recall now.) I originally planned to take a crack at this software myself or finance it, but life got in the way. And in the last year Burst has largely stagnated, except for the recent PoCC developments, and major developers have left the community. I’m no longer as hopeful that Burst will catch on, but I still hold a large part of my initial investment in the coin.

The more people that have Burst, the better.

Here is my vision for Burst: In the future Burst is worth many dollars per coin, and everyone mines a little on their desktops, their phones, their whatevers with storage. Fees are no longer a single Burst but a small fraction of a Burst, and the block size has been increased, so micropayments/micromining is feasible. Of course there are still big mining operations, but miners now make far less Burst because everyone and their dog is mining. We don’t mind, though, because the price of Burst has gone lunar compared to 2017.


I think Burstcoin mining should be more user friendly or it could be added to nicehash or minergate.
Most people don’t have GPU, but they have free space disk to mine.
And we need to attract more investors with pro tools like you are doing at the moment.
Finally, we have to keep a nice community to welcome newcomers :slight_smile:


Sorry, but this is exactly what drives people away from coins. Burst has one thing going for it as we all know, PoC. Burst is an old and abandoned coin thats been recently picked up, and that damns it to any longterm failure. Im a miner and am always adding TBs, but Burst is not going to see mass adoption (as much as we would all like it to), end of story.

Mining in a larger scale can be difficult and frustraing, and a one click miner would have made me quit mining. In fact, after filling all my drive letters, I stopped using the AIO wallet and switched to the stand alone becasue I had more control. Now imagine people with server builds or running linux, a one click would be disastrous.

Burst will not be worth dollars per coin, that would put burst at a 4bil+ market cap, simply implausible for an old coin with only 2 years of new coins left to mine. Everyone comes for profits, and stays for the tech, not the other way around.

If we assume what you propose does actually happen, everyone wouldnt be making burst or mining because a network that size wouldnt alow people with a few gb or even a few tb to make ANY burst. For example, you can still set your laptop cpu to mine bitcoin, but you literally will not get 1 satoshi, its just a waste of time.

I think Burst should be used as a live sandbox to figure out and correct all the problems, then when a unified dev team feels confident, release an entirely new coin. Not a fork or a clone, a full stand alone.


I think you are missing the point with a one click miner. It does not rule out the other miners. it would serve as a getting started miner. I get ricos point that a one click type of miner would make it easy for people to leave since no effort would be put into it.But i also think that we need to make it more attractive for now. Imo a one click plotter/miner would ease up and give them a carrot to continue.


Well, I suggest, you use the term “as we all” not so often in future, because it seems some of us “all” know more, than others. I’m going to be a little bit more harsh - but still keeping it civilized:

This (oblivious statements) is exactly the reason, why the PoCC does not care that much about miners - because they live in their small world actually not knowing the coin at all. We believe miners are not the most important asset to the coin. At least not as relevant as they think.

But there is hope. A human being does not need to be restricted just to the role of being a miner. You can be a miner and more. Try it.

Burst is not an old coin. It’s 5 years younger than e.g. Bitcoin.

It has not 2years left to mine. As we all know.




As a fairly new user I would like to chip in:
I think that BURST needs:

  • Long term: A way to be able to also do micropayments in the future and webshops/cafes etc that accept burst for small items. I think in the long run in general any altcoin must be able to pay for the small things in life, like groceries. Then it can be accepted as normal payment.
  • Short term: More webshops that accept burst now. I am not very teccie when it comes to altcoins, but is there an easy way to implement burst paying to a webshop?
  • Short term: More exchanges that accept burst.

Somebody mentioned above that we need ideas outside the box. Well, with all the coming regulations on exchange services, how great would it be to ‘cut out the middle man’?! -> is there a way to easily do exchanges, without a third party involved? the same way altcoins did to cut out banks? When implementing that into, or on top of the POC mining, that would be great and a truly new disruptive technology!


Ow, maybe one more thought.

It seems everybody is so concerned about easy mining. To me it seems not that important. I mean, although the mining right now is not ‘on click’ it is not that hard to do either. There are, for a small coin like this, surprisingly a lot of movies and manuals on the internet which explains it.

BUT, how great would it be if there would be a ‘one click’ miner for android and IOS. Not because people want to earn a lot of money with it (I know, not enough space), but because there are people, like me, who actually like the coin and like the idea that this coin is truly easy to be decentralized: A lot of people, 2Gb on their phone, all over the world. At least to me that seems nice and much better than bitcoin is currently.


Regarding the online payments, I dont imagine that it is too difficult to begin accepting Burst as a payment method. The real hurdle there is finding merchants who will actually accept Burst as a payment method.


I agree that the whole setup for mining could be easier. It is not that hard however. What I really missed was helpful documentation on the miner and wallets.
There are tons of threads with info (partly very old)…

Like the old wallet… that was a bitch to start
The new one… very tricky with the database setup. But I guess this is better with the new installers etc.
Bugs with miner crashing… I think there needs to be more testing and documentation.

Not sure about the whole rest… To me it seems that there is a lot of competition between pools, and the community is spread over multiple forums etc
It all seems very chaotic to me.

Also the thin with having to beg for coins to get started is ridiculous. I found 2 faucets that were still working and was able to get 2 coins, but that took a lot of effort.


I have this occur close to daily, maybe once every other day. The miner will get to ~98% and then crash on random blocks, and requires me to the the computer, not just the miner. Do we know why this happens?

I know you need coins to change reward recipient and info, but you dont need it from a faucet or from someone else.

In my opinion, it shouldnt be that big of a deal to buy $10 of burst through poloniex or whatever exchange and just send them to your account. I did that for my mining and cold storage account which both worked out fine.