What happened?


Hi all!

I have some issue, and i dont know why…
Let me know if I do something wrong pls.

I use burst client for win 1.2.8.
on the beginning of the wallet, i became one error message, but i click ok, and works fine.
so the wallet is really slow loading speed.
today i try to start mining on pool.burstcoin.party - but nothing happens.
the cmd screen is opening, but nothing.

can anybody help me? thanks!


Hey MoranTom, or TomMoran,
Have you already changed your reward assignment and edited your miner config file to the pool address?
You do not actually need your wallet open at all to mine with.
Which miner are you working with ?


Also, the latest version of the wallet is 1.2.9. You can get it here:

You can get the latest versions of the different wallets here:


If nothing is happening on your mining screen, that can be because the pool is currently having problems itself.


The pool was having wallet issues, that’s fixed, but it’s still down - I think it may be being DoS’d …


Thanks Everyone!

I try to use 1.2.9. client, i click on local wallet (why online wallet send me a error message)
but the wallet dowloading blockchain. what time is ending the download? its very slow.


It can take up to a couple days to download the blockchain. The faster your CPU, and the more cores it has, the faster it will sync. It only takes a few hours for my workstation to sync it completely…but it’s dual 6-core xeons.

You can download a partial blockchain here, though it is a couple weeks old:


Thanks. and why i cant use online wallet?
everybody use local wallet?


Online wallets are okay as long as you trust the owner, i have previously used some online wallets, but now consider those wallets possibly compromised. If you more security just use your own local wallet.


Ok, i download dawallet’s burst-team windows all-in-one.
i installed.
i click on local wallet and download the blockchain.
after 2 days, its completed.
now i cant log in to online wallet, he says:
Your local wallet hasn’t started yet… etc.

pls help me.


can you click on local wallet and login that way?


I click on local wallet, and she says:
Your local wallet hasnt started yet. It can take up to 10 minutes to start up. try again later.
check your java…
clean up DB…


ahhh if you just restarted then it may take ten minutes or so all over again to load


I see its completed. when its completed, the wallet already open. but i restart the wallet, and i cant log in.


how long has it been since you opened it? give it some more time perhaps and if it is still not loading you should be able to pop off some blocks


Now i wait one night. and nothing…


Good Morning!

I would recommend exiting the wallet, also ensure it is not still running in system tray. Confirm Java is up to date, and restart one more time. If after 10 minutes it fails to load then you have a few options that I can think of.
1.-popoff some blocks and resync (this is located in the wallet where it says “help” “clean up database” “popoff blocks”)
2-download a database/wallet that already is closer to up to date, and just resync the last bit - @ryanw ryanw posted a link earlier in this thread http://burstwallet.io/burstcoin-blockchain-download/
3-Resync again from genesis block

I am unsure why you were able to sync up to 100% and on first attempt not be able to get into it. that is odd…

@ryanw - you got any other advice


I would just recommend using the 1.2.9 Burst Core wallet. There have been a lot of people saying that they have issues with the Windows AIO so far…