What if


what if burst died today?

what would u do ith all your new free space?

i am considering buying one if not 2 storage racks and filling it with 8tb drives

bur if the coin were to die what would i do with 500tb of space

thats alot of porn for 1 person to get


I’ve always thought I would just move everything to Storj and Sia…there will also supposedly be Filecoin, and Safe Network…

Or maybe I’d just sell them all on ebay :slight_smile:


Storj and Sia and more to come using your hard drives to get crypt is not going to end anytime soon


I dont believe this coin is going anywhere but i like to have back up plans just incase


the next poc coin


I think there will always be a market for mass storage.

If burst died, id move all my resources to Sia, MaidSafe, Storj perhaps even Golem. There are a lot of options :slight_smile:


I’d consider the only valid alternative for farming disk space to be Storjshare right now!
But you need a lot of CPU Cores (1 Node per Core), lots of Bandwidth and a huge amount of time to fill up that many drives ! And quite a bit of patience for the payments since its less then optimal…
(me, since January, 10 Nodes = 6TB now) (SIA = 20GB and no income!)


Not for nothing but Storj I do not like payment r done Manuela ever 30 days + burst pays every day


I am not worried about BURST, but if it was to disappear, I would just mine another coin.
Sounds awesome, rack full of 8TB that come out to 500TB.
You should put up a picture when you are done.
Here on the forum

There are so many great coins to mine, but BURST is here to stay.
That is just my opinion :blush:


I think I would end up buying more hard drives, and waiting for the next poc coin.