What is a Deadline, exactly?


Is it when a line of code in your plots answers the mathematical question in the block? And then the goal is to submit that line of code (nonce?) first to win the block? I’m pretty smart, but I’m no programmer, and the science behind all of this is fascinating to me…

Miner still not showing up (24 hours later)

I would love if someone could write a pretty technical explanation of mining. I understand the theory, but id like to know more.


Found this, pretty decent. Looking at the NXT whitepaper may help as well, although i it uses a different algorithm and a 4 minute time frame instead of 60 sec



This helps a lot guys, thanks…although I may be realizing that I’m not as smart as I thought I was!


Feel free to ask any questions that you don’t understand the answer to, or don’t have an answer to. It’s a learning experience for us all. Knowledge is power.


That image is extremely confusing even if somewhat correct. And in the plotting area it shows 262144 bytes at “plot chunks” block where it should be 131072. or the 32bytes should be 64 bytes


If I could expand on the question please? Are blockchains solved in sequence such that blockchain 1 must be solved before blockchain 2 is released to be solved? If so then why would one set their deadline more than 30 minutes (1800)? Blockchain control tries to maintain 4 min intervals. There is the rare 20 min wait period so maybe an hour (3600) would be safe?


yes information from the previous forged block is part of the recipe for the next.

And yes all those deadlines that are not the shortest one are useless, so if solo mining you could discard all above say 1 hour safely, but the reason why people submit for longer to pools, is to establish a historic share (kind of a way to show they are doing their part) and in turn be rewarded proportionately to the quality of their submitted deadlines . More plots=more deadlines found=more likely shorter deadlines=more likely to win blocks. Hopefully this made sense…


Thank You. That was a fantastic and succinct response! Deadlines for Solo = 3600, Pools = max pool allows.


For those wanting to read about how plot files are generated, come check out the document created by @Quibus right here.

Fantastic work!