What is everyone's plotting speeds?

Post your config, command line, software, hardware, and nonces/min.
Be sure to use a relatively large plot, maybe something over 150000 nonces to rule out special cases.

I’ve got an old video card that I used to mine Lite and Doge back in the day.
Hardware: Radeon R9 290
devices.txt: 0 0 4096 256 4096
Software: Gpuplotgenerator v4.1.1
CL: gpuplotgenerator.exe generate direct h:\plots\123123123123123123_0_150000_256
speed: 18482.46 nonces/min

I’m about to drop in a second 290 card to see if I can double my speed. I’ll post my results.


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gpuPlotGenerator generate direct I://plots//newiiiii/_191978645_4096000_4096 J://plots//jjjj/*_236864040_4096000_4096 K://plots//KKKK/********_286864040_4096000_4096

That was my last plot job, and used HD 280, HD 7990, and AMD FX 8350 BE.
I have tried setting the last number as hi as 8192, and this setting (4096) gave me best most stable results.
The 3 x 1000GB job ran at 22 - 24000 .

I have had it run as high as 34k on this device but sometimes have the plotter freeze in the last 15 mins of job, the little extra gain is just not worth it to me.

Seems the best way to fully utilize this plotter is by plotting 3 hdds at the same time.
ETA: disregard those extra file names, these plots were destined to be replaced…

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why are there asterisks before the numeric wallet id?
that is interesting.


The asterisks are so I dont plot a miner to the wrong wallet, and yes I have done that before.:expressionless:

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Yeah I had my gpu plotter crash several times during a plot. I restarted it, but I think you are right. Better to go with something half as fast that is 200% more reliable. You only have to do it once.


Hardware: Radeon R9 290
devices.txt: 0 0 4096 256 2048
Software: Gpuplotgenerator
CL: gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer D:\plots\77777396904437777_0_11411456_2000
speed: 25-30 000 nonces/min

As I know buffer mode need optimization, but what about direct mode?
Non optimizated plots that I make in buffer mode make 12Mb/s scan speed vs 85Mb/s for CPU maked plots.
With i5-2500 speed is 5500 nonces/min

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Plotting direct will make optimized plots so you wont have to come back and optimize. It plots slower but saves some time in the long run.

Interesting, thanks for sharing that, I had no idea there would be that much of a difference in performance! And here are my device settings,
0 0 4096 64 4096
0 1 4096 64 4096
Please keep in mind, just about everyone in this forum probably knows more about this plotter than I do, this is just settings that worked for my HD7990 which is basically dual 280s.
Good luck, let me know how it goes.

Oh and I remember when I put the last plot on a drive I kept having errors indicating there was not enough space until I changed the back slashes to forward slashes. Then of coarse if your going to use Blago miner, you will need to change those to back slashes when you add those paths to your conf file.:slight_smile:

I did about 25 test plots using all sorts of combinations of the device options and staggers, to find the best one for my setup. I’d let them run about 5 minutes and then document the speed. As someone mentioned earlier you probably want to take your best settings and bring them down a notch to prevent crashes.
I plan on doing the same with the 4 different computers I have laying around and see what I can get out of them as I have 2 new drives showing up tomorrow.


12TB in less than 23h