What It Means To Create Your Public Key (AKA "Activate" Your Account) - Simply Explained


I’ll try to explain this as simply as I can so that most people can understand.

Any passphrase you type into the wallet is run through an algorithm and “points” at a particular Burst address.

Each possible Burst address can have more than one passphrase that works for it until it has a public key generated (or “activated”) by a transaction.

Once this activating transaction is made, only your particular passphrase works for this Burst address now. Thus, completely securing it.

It is not extremely easy for someone to find a passphrase for a Burst address that hasn’t been activated, but it is much harder for someone to find the passphrase after it is activated.

To Activate Your Account

(NOTE - Although we now have the capability to use lower transaction fees as low as 0.00735 BURST, it’s possible that very low-fee transactions will be waiting for a very long time until confirmed. The possibility of a delay in confirmation just makes things more confusing for new users. So, for now, until there is better reporting available to display the backlog of fee slots, and also manage fees, I believe it’s best to stick with a minimum 0.1 Burst fee, especially to keep it simple for new users.)

The goal here will be to create your public key with as little Burst as possible. You should only need one single Burst. Almost everyone should choose option #1, this Burst you have received for starting is precious…don’t waste it! So there will be two scenarios:

  1. You are planning on mining on a pool. If you change your reward recipient to your chosen pool, your account will be activated. For new users, I would suggest https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/ . There is currently a 0.5% taken by this pool, and it is run by the PoC Consortium Burst developers. After changing reward recipient, you need to wait 4 blocks before the change will take effect (15-20 minutes on average). To see how to mine at this pool, go to https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/ and click on the “info” tab. *

You can go here to see the guide on setting your reward recipient.

  1. You are either going to solo mine, or just hold Burst in the account. The easiest way now, is to just name your account. This only costs one Burst as well. Click on “No Name Set” in the top left corner of your wallet after logging into it with your passphrase. Type in whatever you want to name your wallet in the field under “Name”. Keep in mind that this information is publicly available! Anything you type into the “Name” or “Description” field can be read by other people, so don’t put anything private in there such as your passphrase! *

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Mineração burstcoin
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(solved) Appreciate help with first burst coin - BURST-DJNY-SFEX-DM8R-HUNY8
Hola from Mexico - Confused
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-another new member here
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Creating the Next Big Thing?
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1 coin please :D
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A New Start
Please Help. New miner in need of a coin
Newbie needs a couple coins to get started
Like to start solo mining
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Noobie Trying to get Started Shoveling Digital Data
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Need burst to open account. have searched for hours will send BTC
Could I get a Bustcoin?
Hello I am new! Could some one give me a burst? Tks
Hello I am stuck..... Please help me starting my wallet... I can Repay you 10 burst I just need 2
1 Burst to mine
Need coins to start out
Do I need the entire Blockchain?
Hi All, I am new to Burst
Need 1 Burst Coin to start mining
Need 1 Burst Coin fir New Joinee
Hello! Anyone here that can help me with 1-2 coins to start?
Need 1 Burst to start!
Need one to Get Started!
I want 1 burst to active my wallet
A Burst for a newbie to get started
Great request for some Burstcoin to start mining
Hi! Just starting out!
A little help for starting mining please!
Reqesting 1 burstcoin
Hi, everyone
Request for 1 Burstcoin
Requesting starter BURST
Need first Burst
Start to use Burst
Request 1 burstcoin to start mining
Starter Burst Please Please I am just getting started
2nd post as a new user, still need a small donation
I need a burst, a burst is all i need :)
Need burstcoin and i'll send back
Thought I'd give this a go
Need more tutorials
Need 1 Burst to get started, please
Used my one burst from faucet to change name could someone lend me one so I can join a pool?
Give me 1 Bust Coin
I want to get started with a coin that doesn't waste power!
Help needed , one coin for newbie
Help me get started, need 1 burst
Need 1 bust to start
Need 1 to start
Need 1 Burst To Start Mineing
Need that initial 1 Burst
Initial 1 Burst request
1 Coin to Start Mining
Please, get me going
Trying to start mining!
One coin needed please, if possible!
Starter push
Looking For First Burstcoin
Looking For First Burstcoin to start the process off
Question before I start about the first Burst
Ready to go
Shane's Newbie Intro & Request
New miner looking for a start up Burst
Done a mistake and i need coin to change reward assignment
Ready to get started
Need coin to change reward assignment
Coin to change reward assignment Please
Newbie! Burstcoins Startup
A single coin to kick off, please!
Request for 1 Burstcoin to start up
BURST-VMYU-4MC8-7QL3-BGU7Z you said you gave me a coin but
Starting burst coin please
Please don't BURST my bubble. Need some bursts to get started
Burstcoin request for mining
Requesting burst for mining
Is it possible to get 1 burst please.
Request for Burst coin for a new miner
Requesting my first burst
Poor Burst Miner in need of start up capital
Help a Old Burster with One Burst to Start Mining Again!
Help needed to activated wallet
New Start
Help a newb out by sending me a burst coin
Need help starting burstcoin mining
I want to miner burstcoin, send me one Burst pls
Need a burstcoin to start pool mining
Initial Coin Request
Please help me get started with a BURST
Getting started burst request
Penniless noob seeks generous benfactor :)
Looking for a coin donation to start mining
Want to get into burstcoin BURST-739W-8F7Q-EFY2-85KSK
New miner here from sweden
Need a burst to begin mining
Help please!
First burstcoin to start mining
Need Initial Bust
New to burst mining
Hallo, Looking after a burst for getting started to mine BURST-AU8Q-Q2E4-3EW6-9LZWU
First coin - New member xD
First coin help :-)
Initial Burst needed :)
Need burst to get started please
Need one burst to join a pool
I think I'm ready to start mining. Need 1 Burst to start
Need 1 Burstcoin to set my reward recipient
;-) Future Burstcoin Billionaire ist begging for his first Burstcoin. ;-)
Requesting first BURST Coin
Need a Burstcoin BURST-R775-EW5W-KPDU-3254J
I need 1 burstcoin donation to get started, please
Need a coin to join a pool. :)
Reddy to mine please help :)
Hi everybody another rookie here
Requesting starter Burstcoins
Getting started with mining
1 Burstcoin needed
Newbie in need of a coin (will post a unicorn photo!)
New miner - could use a coin. thanx!
StaNew and in need of a kickstart
Crypto noob here, need a burst!
New miner just starting out
Need 1 Burstcoin to Set Reward Recipient...I messed up!
Newbie need a coin :-) Thanks
Hi, I`m a new miner. Looking for the coin
New - Looking for a coin
Please could someone help me out with a burst coin so I can join a pool? BURST-K684-U94K-FASU-BDWKJ
I need 2 to 3 Burst Please!
Someone help me getting started please! Initial coin request
Long time watcher, first time Burst miner
Just Started, Requesting Burst
Just getting started with this mining thing
New miner in need of a helping hand 1 to 5 bursts please. Will pay forward!
First burstcoin to start mining
Hi everyone, I am a new miner. Please help
First Burstcoin to get started
Requesting Burst
Need help with joining a pool, just need one burstcoin!
Help with starting mining
Jump-start (one burst) for a beginner
Starting with Burst
One Burst to start mining please
Finished plotting and ready to mine
I'm new and I messed up
I need a burstcoin to get started. Please!
Need 1 burst to start mine
Need my first burstcoin please
Need 1 Burst to get started mining
Help me ,need 1 brust coin
Get to Start
Hello there
1 Burst for mining
In need of burst
New Burst Miner in need of a little help
Another new member
Help with Burst
Burst Needed
I didn't realize you needed a burst before you start mining
Another New Newbie Newcomer
Help getting started - coin donate please
Need 1 more coin to get started mining!
Need ONE Burstcoin. I will pay back!
The first Burst
Needing some coins to get started!
Initial Burstcoin Request - new starter
New here please help
New to minning and just need help with setup
Hi from London, would like a coin
New to burst mining!
New to Burst, Please donate a coin
Newbie Burst Request
Need a BurstCoin, please?
I'm New Here. Please Help!
Help Me get started
Help me get started please
Starts with One. Help the noob
Starterpack request
Need a burst please!
Newbie needs a burst
Need a start boost
Some starting burst for a new member
Need Burst to start off =/
Can i have just One Burst Please!
Need burst to start off!
One Burstcoin Please!
Can someone please spare me 1 burst?
I need 1 burst to start mining and some questions
Would love a coin to get started please!
Need burstcoin to start mining please
I'm new and looking for a coin
Need 1+1 burst coin to start mining
Looking for 1 BURST to get started
Mining Startup!
Needing startup burst for mining!
Anyone willing to help me with a coin?
Initial burst investment to start mining
I need some starting off coins
Need a couple off burst if possible please
NOTICE-Importing Plot Files In Current Version of Qbundle
Need inital Burstcoin to start mining
Got another newby here
Requesting initial coin!
First Burst coin request
Requesting some coins to get started
Looking for 1 BURST to start mining
Requesting some coin to get started
Requesting Coin to get started mining
I need 1 Burst to start in a mining pool
A coin worth a chance
Hello Fellow Bursters! Mind Giving a spare coin?)
No Burst to start mining
Help me start mining burstcoin
In desperate need of a burst
Setting up, thanks for the help!
Need a little Burst to get started, please
Excited to get started but need a BURST. Thanks so much
Need first burst and advice
1 burst to get started
Please help with first Burst
1 burst coin please to get me started
Help needed For start
Need help to get started
The new guy
New to Burstmining started today :)
Some coin needed to get startet
Need a burst to get going
New to Burstcoin Jeremie
Burst needed to start mining for the first time
Marina needs help
Need 1 Burst to get started!
Need 1st burst to get started!
New user please help! BURST-2CPG-YU63-J8FD-6DPL3
Need 1Burst to start mining.Thanks BURST-ZX8C-HGYL-XS79-FGPMG
Need a burst to get start, thank you
Getting started with Burstcoin - Burstcoin request
I need some coin enoungh for start mining
Just starting -- Just need a burst or two to get me going
New to mining
Johnnybob & tweety bird are ready to get married! Burst coins for honeymoon :)
Just starting tonight!
New account
Could someone send me a coin
Help me please
Is there a way to buy 1 burstcoin?
Please help me start mining :( Will pay back 10 coins :)
Could someone help me to get started?
New here. Need someone to help burst start my mining ;)
Help with first coin pls. Will refund from exchange
A coin to get me started please
All Faucets are dry :(
A coin to get me started plz
Requesting a coin
Noob Getting Started
Kindly Requesting 1 Burst to get started
Excited to get started but first 1Burst please is appreciated
A few Burst Please
Anotherone bites the BURST
New Burst Member with a few Qs and needing coin to start
New to Burst - Love this project
Hi all Just Getting Started
Hi guys, looking to get started with this new coin
Can u help me burst to start mining :(
Hello everyone New Here
Looking to start burstcoin mining
Scam Miners
1 burst to join the community of miners
One coin please!
Hi everybody, I´m a new Burst-Coin Miner and need your help please
Looking for a little help to get started
Im really sorry to ask , but?
Yet another new miner
Excited to get going, and could use some help!
New Burst-Miner here - little KickOff help needed
Need 1 Burst to get started ! ( will be returned by 5 :) )
Hello, I am new to Burst Mining
New Member Around Chicago
Help need a burstcoin to get started
Request for a Burst to get started
Need 1st coin to join a pool plea$e!
New Burst Miner 123
New Miner Need coin
New Miner, Need Coin
New miner, First coin please, will return two
New Member
Hallo, im a new Burst User
Hallo, im a new Burst User
Hallo, im a new Burst User
New member of the community
Need Coin to start
Newbie Burstcoin Request - Looking to Join the Party :tada:
A starting burstcoin
First BURST to start
Hello everyone, help start ... share a coin please.
Help with first Burstcoin :)
Burst Wanted
Hey all - new to burst!
New to Burst, Please Help Me Out with Some Coins Much Appreciated!
Need to register swimming pool,help me!
Burst Request!
Just wasted my only coin on naming account!
Just need one burst coin to get started
Some burst needed to join pool - I´m new at this!
Need a coin to change my account name
Please Help
Burst needed to get me mining
SAN / NAS networking bandwidth requirements?
Need 1 Burstcoin to start pool mining
New to mining; guess i need a burst coin to start :S -- BURST-67ZM-A699-EMZ5-7DNK6
Looking for a couple Burst to start mining
Burstcoin to start mining
New user- few coins request
Burstcoin to get started please?
Zack from Japan
Please Help
A wink, smile and 3 kowtows
Need a bit of Burst to start mining
Inital Burst request
Need a couple burst to get going
Need burst to start mining
New burst fan. I need a coin!
A few burst to start mining
Looking for 1 coin to get started
New to Burst, could use a jumpstart with some burst!
Need a Burst coin to start pool mining
Noob, need some help pls
I need 1 Burst to start mining. Will payback double and help new comer
Think I need some coins to mine
Getting started BURST-T8N7-APS7-WBU4-ED84Z
First Burst request - Please BURST-D67X-SNDM-QVEP-A7GC6
Used up my coin, can't buy from poloniex in NY, willing to trade btc/eth/trx for 1 burst
Need some burst to get started plz
I need some coins registered with mine, help me!
Need one coin to start
Some burst too
Someone willing to help a new miner brother out with a burst coin BURST-TABG-RPEB-ZR77-62ZJ4
I need 1 burst coin to start mining
Hi... I am new please a few burstcoin to star mining
Need a couple burst to start mining please
Currently Plotting - Need Burst to join a pool?
Getting into Burst mining!
Looking for a burst or two
Need your help with one burstcoin
Getting started and need a seed
I need one burstcoin to start mining
Requesting a burst to start mining
First coin
Need a burst to get started
Help me ! Can someone please share 1 burst
I just need 1 coin please
New to Burst HELP!
Looking for my first Burst!
Looking to start mining but need some help
Some Burst for Boost. Start mining
Trying to get started, need a small BURST of help
Just opened new wallet and need to start
New Burst Miner need a couple of coins
Looking for the first BURST
Need a Little Juice to get started:
Need coins to start pool mining
New and in need of some help! Looking for a few Burst to get started :)
Need 1 Burstcoin for start mining
Hey fellows. Starting burst mining for the first time. So need burst!
Need coin to start mining for me
Coin needed
New guy
Do i really need 1 Bitcoin to farm?
Could I please have some burst to get started
New member in need of coin
Burstcoin request to get started
Get started, need a burstcoin
Want to get started on Burstcoin
Made rookie mistake and spend one burst i got from faucet on name
Need 2 BURST coin to start Mining. Thank you!
Bitcoin is still dead - forgot wallet adress :O
New miner needs Burst to start
Need a burstcoin to get started
Hello everyone New burst'er here!
Help - reward recipient address
New miner needs Burst to start
Hello I'm new to Burst Mining Need Burstcoin to join pool
need 1 Burstcoin to get started.
1 Burstcoin needed for start mining
Want to start mining burst
New bustcoin mining user
New in Burst Network, initial Burstcoins request
Total newbie needs burst please
1 burstcoin needed to start mining pleaseee
Good Morning!
New Miner :-)
Need 1 burst for reward config
Need burst to start minning
Initial Burstcoin Request to get started
I am kind of new and need a few burst to start mining
New here, need coins to get started
Need some coins to get started :)
New miner looking to get started!
Need 1 burst for reward config
Startup assistance
Another newbie, please help
Need 1 coin to do a reward assignment
Seeking Generousity- Initial Burstcoin Request
Asking for 1 coin to start off
New BURST member!
Getting Started, Need Help!
I need 1 More burst coin to join pool BURST-AXHA-TDLG-TWKN-3USDE
Need a couple coins to get started
Request for a single BurstCoin to initalize wallet
I need 1 BURST to start mining BURST-KRMG-AG7X-UA5L-B5R42
Need of 1 Burst to get started
Need some Burstcoin to get started
Few Coins To Start Wallet
Another miner
Hi there. Just trying to get started. Thanks in advance!
New to burst mining, but not Crypto, asking for assistance, and to fill in some blanks
Help needed to get started please
Please help me thx
Help get started!
Need help for mining
Crypto-Hobbyist - Introduction
Im Obviously new, & Non of the faucet sites actually work. The spam Emails are great tho
Newbie wants to start in mining
Burst coin BURST-QCRY-7PR7-C332-BAFB5 im new to this and have no coins to start