What's everyone earning?


Maybe list your specs, coins per day/week/month, pool or solo.


Recently a lot lower than previously due to increasing difficult and price fluctuations but currently looking something like this:

  • ~8k BURST worth of various assets w/ dividend payouts of ~40burst per week. (Reinvesting 50% into more assets)
  • Mining with 10tb getting ~40burst per day at burstpool.net

Definitely not the best, but I started with basically nothing :slight_smile: no its good to see the powers of compound interest slowly bringing my setup together!
I also use my GPU & CPU to mine Monero on the site for a bit extra!

Definitely curious to see what others on here are getting! Please share :smiley:


started with 3TB, currently at 56TB, pool mining :

  • last 7 days : 1588 (daily average: 226)
  • last 14 days : 3123 (daily average: 223)
  • last month : 8413 (daily average: 262)
  • last 3 months : 28520 (daily average: 306)
  • since 2017-04-16 : 35086 (daily average: 267)


I like your format @Raphael

last 7 days : 172 (daily average: 26)
last 14 days : 308 (daily average: 20)
last month : 658 (daily average: 22)
last 3 months : 1231 (daily average: 25)


@Trinity, how much storage are you using?


Only 8TB right now.


I have only been doing it since mid July. Started out on a pool until I got to about 50TB, then switched to Solo Mining. After plotting all my space (255,214 GB), I had performance issue using an Areca raid controller, so I killed all the raid arrays, and started plotting everything over again from scratch using LSI HBA controllers instead and finally had everything re-plotted last week. I then had some issues with the new version of Blago’s Miner, but I think I’m finally stabilized.

At any rate, looking at the overall production averages, here’s mine:

  • last 7 days : 7,885 (daily average: 1,126)
  • last 14 days : 18,924 (daily average: 1,352)
  • last month : 22,078 (daily average: 726)
  • since 7/12/2017 : 38,419 (daily average: 873)


Thats some impressive earnings right there friend


I started in February with just 4 TB. Got up to 120 TB in steps between the start of March and the end of May. The averages are coin amounts divided by days where there were earnings. You can see the effects of the difficulty jumps after May. This is all pool mining.

  • February: 6 (2 days), average: 3/day
  • March: 3850 (9 days), average: 428/day
  • April: 25119 (24 days), average: 1047/day
  • May: 42056 (28 days), average: 1502/day
  • June: 34719 (30 days), average: 1157/day
  • July: 18175 (26 days), average: 699/day
  • August: 16876 (22 days), average: 767/day

Last seven days: 6359
Total mined since starting in February: 140801


Nice stats! It’s interesting to see the affect of what happened. Is your plan to continue to build out?


In a world without real world debts and obligations and family responsibilities, yes. But for the moment, no. It’s just a matter of real life money needs versus this “hobby”. I’d have to spend a fair sum just to get back to where I was in May, more to move past that. I can’t justify that at the moment.

But the rig keeps on chugging away and the coins add up nonetheless. Hopefully the value will rise enough to make it worth it down the road.


I agree. When BTC was $150 a coin, and I spent $1500 on video cards and was making $20/day, it was not “worth it”. But the video cards still have value and my 2 BTC that I did earn are now worth $9000. I hope this will be the same. But you never know.

Hoping for the best with Burst!


5.7 TB

Pool mining (obviously)

Daily average 13 Dec - 25 Dec, 2017 = 21.35 Burst


What pool are you using?


Who are you asking?


You bkkburst


In that case I’m mining on http://burst.btfg.space

Good luck!