When does I have to receive in my wallet?

I start minning in busrt.ninja.ml in 6/jan/2018

I had many confirmed deadlines in these days

This is my position in the Historical shares at this moment
capacity 1.5TB
share 0.266%
reward 1,79
total earned 4D+1

BUt I only received this
9/jan/2018 04:27:45  0.55353113 + 1 BURST-85W6-5P5V-7VLZ-GZJEF 10+

I am a new miner and want to know if this is correct and normal or something
is goin wrong. When I have to receive in my wallet?

A little after this post they sent 5 bursts to my wallet.
Whas that a coincidence?

Yes, it costs 1 Burst to send you the payment, so that took most of what you earned. That is what you can expect to earn from mining with 1.5TB. It is a little on the low side, but some days are good, some days are bad. You got more bad days to start out.

So, it looked like you got lucky after the first payment, and got 5 :slight_smile: It is all just luck that averages out more evenly over time.

At first thanks for your reply and attention.
I already ordered 6Tb more to improve my earnings.it also seems to me that it depends on the time you are in the pool beyond the capacity itself.
I’m seeing a guy in the same pool as mine.with these numbers
capacity 0.9 tb
share 1.629%
reward 10.93
total earnings 39D+5137.

well I’ll wait for the good days

Yes, you should try to stay connected to the pool at all times…your shares will increase.