When to solo mine

Hi guys was wondering if one of you could assist in a pondering question I have been having lately… I have about 60 TB plotted on a data server dedicated to mining Burst. I plan on scaling up - down the road and I have been mining for about 4 mos now. With that being said - I have a huge amount of Burst coins and forged two blocks on my own. thus far. Should I consider solo mining?

I am still grasping and learning the concept of this technology and this POC mining type and solo mine Etherium and other coins now and in past (I have a pretty large GPU and Antminer farm). I am currently in the 50 - 100 TB pool.

Just looking for opinions here. Please be nice (I am sure there is someone else out there wondering the same thing) - I am still learning and as always, thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy day to discuss this with me…

Kind Regards!

Really, you will see little different solo vs pool mining unless the pool fee is outrageous. It is a lot less maintenance and checking for pool mining…you don’t have to keep checking to make sure your mining wallet is connected and running perfectly (someone else does that for you on pool mining).

I guess you just wonder when it makes a difference to you.

0.5% mining fee…so 1000 BURST reward, hit a block twice a month…10 BURST per month cost for pool mining vs solo… $0.25USD per month.

As your mining scales, do the calculation again to see if acceptable.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but should outages be taken in to consideration? I just had an outage and my Estimated Capacity plunged like a rock and is taking a long time to build back up again. Isn’t your share based on your estimated capacity?

That is actually something I hadn’t considered… this is a very recent change in how some pools work.

I suppose if outages were common, I wouldn’t want to be solo mining either…the outtage time could have been the time when I would have hit a block.

Not sure how to determine what is best in those situations.

I had/have the same question when I started mining but couldn’t find a good answer so here is my experience. I started mining at the beginning of May mining with around 80TB. In May I was in a 50-50 pool and took home just over 3k Burst on 6 blocks mined. On June 1st I went solo to see how I could do because I was disappointed with only getting 3k for 6 blocks mined. So far in June (today is the 13th) I’ve mined 4 blocks and been paid 3846 burst. So from my experience it looks like it will be more profitable to mine solo even if I don’t find another block this month. Just my experience your results might vary and I could go on a 3 month run not finding any blocks and not making anything.


Thanks for the real numbers. That helps put things in perspective for me. I have 48TB mining though the pool is consistently showing ~40TB even though I’ve optimised my target deadline. I suspect that solo mining would remove Estimated Capacity from the equation for me.

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