Where are you guys from?


Hello Getburst family, my name is Rei and I’m from Brazil , but currently residing in Tokyo :slight_smile: ,Ive been mining burst since May and I’m loving this POC concept, my goal is to accumulate 1 million burstcoin :smile:.So I was wondering where are you guys from?


just the regular US of A
But it’s nice to see people internationally :smiley:


Hi there, I’m from England :slight_smile:


Hi @Mimisusukiki. I’m a USA guy, living near Chicago. I’ve been Burst mining since February. Only 870,000 more coins till my first million :money_mouth::thinking:


Hey! I live in Belgium and I started to mine Bursts a few months ago, so I only have 1000 Bursts (about 4TB)


Hi @Mimisusukiki and everyone, I am from Eastern Canada.
I am really happy to be here and I can’t wait to meet all of you.
Well I would love to accumulate 1 ooo ooo BURST coins one day, but I am only at 8000 and BURST has been paying the bill. I can’t wait to get BURSTing again. I wish you all a great time.
See you all around BURST Family :wink:


Hi everyone, I’m from Bangkok Thailand. Nice to meet you all.


Alright dudes? Didn’t think I was worth starting a new thread over, but I’ll post in here to say hi. I am from England I’m afraid. What a disgusting self-inflicted mess we’re in but that’s not important right now. Hi guys!

Isn’t everyone from all over the place? It’s quite surprising in a way. But in another way, not really surprising at all.

Anyway I’m going back to lurking again now.


im in USA West Virginia to be exact


Nice to see another fellow English man on board :slight_smile:


Im from the Philippines and currently working in Kuwait. Mining since late last year.


USA, Ohio! :slight_smile:


Currently WI, USA, but originally from New Zealand.


Hi @tinycoins,
welcome to GETBURST. Happy see you found us and decided to lurk around.
I hope you like what you see and you decide to stick around.
It is great to see such a great community from everywhere around the world.
I am certain that it will grow even bigger in no time.
If you need help just ask and some one will help.
Have a great time and fun,
see you around :blush: